Sunday, May 17, 2009

Money Monday

This won't exactly be a "Money Monday" post in the same vein as it has been lately...
This particular post will deal with
"Political Correctness".
I was in line last week, at Ross, purchasing some goodies for myself and my Mama, and a friend of mine, I haven't seen in a while, caught my eye... so I left the line to go talk to her.
We were happy to see each other, did the hug thing, the air kisses, lots of smile... but genuinely happy to see one another.
She asked me how I was and my family too.
I said "Great".
And asked... "How are you?"
She too said... "Great".
Made some small talk, commented on my basket full of non essential items, just stuff I saw and wanted, and put in my cart. I thought nothing of it.
She kept asking me what was new... if I had anything to tell her, was I holding back...
I wracked my brain... said no...(I really didn't know what she was talking about)... then she asked me to think really hard.
I was getting a little weirded out... but couldn't, for the life of me, figure out what she was getting at. So I came out with it. I asked... "What's the deal? Do you know something you think I am not divulging?"
She said... "Well a little birdie told me you are going to be doing some remodeling, and you made a big purchase lately."
(It was soooo not a big purchase)
So I said... "Oh yeah, we are adding another master suite and a big bathroom to our house.
(Our bathrooms are soooo small right now... you can sit, take a shower and wash your hands... AT THE SAME DANG TIME) (If I lay down in our "master bathroom now" I touch it end to yeah, we need the room.)
And we bought a few other things that Bill has wanted for years.
So, I owned up to them, had forgotten all about them, because the remodeling is a need, and much cheaper than buying a new house, and the purchases weren't important or noteworthy, so I didn't think of them.
THEN... she said these words to me...
"Saundra... don't you think... in these uncertain, economic times, that it is in POOR TASTE, to make big purchases and remodel your house?"
I just stood there...
Staring at her...
with a quizzical look on my face...
wondering... A) was she really saying that... and B) What business was it of hers?
My reply...
"Well... Georgia, it's not like I am a cast member of Real Housewives of NYC for God's sake!
I didn't know it was in 'poor taste" to shop and buy things one needs or wants! My car is 6 years old, I have no credit card debt, no debt at all, as a matter of fact, not that it's any business of YOURS... where do you get off?"
THEN she says... "Well, I just got laid off my job, and I think it's insensitive of you to talk about all the things you are buying... to me"
She says... "Oh... yeah... I did, huh? "
I just stood there, with my arms outstretched and a bewildered look on my face, shaking my head...saying... "uh... yeah!"
So my question is...
Is this what we have become?
A few years ago... everyone was racking up debt by the thousands, buying $900 purses they couldn't afford and foregoing children's dental hygiene for the same purse...,
buying houses some idiot says one can afford, even though it's 2000 sq ft too big and $2000 more they one can afford...
and now it's my fault that it all hit the fan, and I am not supposed to shop anymore and buy things I CAN afford, (Hello I was at Ross, not Nieman Marcus) because she was laid off, and other people are jobless or had to sell the house they couldn't afford and live in something they can afford? Really?
I had no idea I was being rude.
I had no idea that remodeling my house would make someone elses self esteem plummet.
(By the way... all the labor is being done by Hubby and the kids...) so please!
Is this the general consensus these days?
Everyone has to be quiet and purchase and go on vacation on the down low?
I, for one, would be heathily envious of someone that could do those things in this economy and would want to try and duplicate what they are doing!!!
After our conversation... I was quickly reminded of WHY we haven't seen each other as often...
I was making a conscious effort to avoid her...
I had just forgotten.
Gotta get better at it... gotta practice more...
Next time I'll just wave and smile.
Who needs that!
Oy vay!


  1. Oh my, I can't imagine that conversation. Kind of nervy don't you think. Actually, we've been holding off on a remodel too but I may just jump right in and do it. Hey, it's good for the economy isn't it. Gives work to those who need!

  2. Saundra,'s envy...pure and simple. Greedy, thoughtless people are usually envious; and when their world collapses a little, and they don't get THEIR demands fulfilled, their envy surfaces big-time...that's what you experienced, so let her go and leave it's yucky.

  3. Have to agree with the first poster, sounds like envy. Just a sad person lashing out. I personally think we have to keep spending, keep stimulating the economy. Just my humble opinion!

  4. WOW! thats all i can say... she would have severely annoyed me... i thin my jaw would have dropped all the way to the floor if someone had said that to me!

  5. Envy and jealousy are easily found when you yourself are in a slump financially. But whether this person is employed or not she does not sound very nice. We as a society are over sensitive these days. My rule is don't spend it then complain you don't have it.

  6. I would have been in such shock, I my brain would have shut down. Be proud that you were able to rally and tell her to stick it.

    Honestly, I think it is bizarre that she had the nerve to even bring it up, AND draw it out of's not like you were waving it in her face!

    She sounds a little kooky...I think the term "former friend" should apply here. Life it too short to spend it with people that are undesirable!

  7. Some people!! Good luck w/your remodel and with so called friends like these, who needs enemies??

  8. "Is this what we have become?"
    My answer to that - too many are like sheep and I guess you and her are in different herds or is that flock - well you get the point.

    So when everyone was using their house as ATM's and watching flip a house, the non followers were laughed at. Now the laughed-at group is probably doing better during the downturn and the other group doesn't know what hit them.

    Some people don't get it and never will.

  9. Ya' gotta love it...sounds like she was so envious of you, she was ready to unload on you, and had to work so hard to get the info out of you..poor thing.Smile and wave..try to remember that for next time. ;-)

  10. First hooray that y'all are debt free that is so completely and amazingly awesome!!!

    This is a great time to remodel due to the economy!!Good for y'all...

    Now I am sorry that someone could not be excited for y'all that is truly in poor taste...but to answer your question, you are not supposed to feel bad for doing what is working for your family.

  11. How crazy was that?! You have every right to buy what you can afford. Even if someone else is laid off, you are not. Not your problem.

  12. OMG! How rude! What is it with people? Mind your own business. How is it she managed to get this information in the first place? It is your money. Besides, you're stimulating the economy with your purchases. Someone has to perform the work, and manufacturer the product your are purchasing, etc. Geesh... get a life folks!

  13. Incredible nerve she had! I have the same size *Master Bath* you describe. It's so incredibly small that I'd have to be partially in the shower in order to lay flat in my Master Bath! Of course, I'm not adding on or remodeling, but that's mainly because I am unemployed at the moment (or several moments, but I digress). But if I were back to work full time, it would definitely be on my list. Besides, we're supposed to help out the economy by spending, right?

  14. I just hate getting nailed when I didn't do anything wrong. If she lost her job, what the heck is she doing shopping? But that's just me, I'm vengeful that way.

  15. Ugh. She's way too sensitive and totally crazy!

  16. Da Noirve of some people. She is clearly the one with the lack of tact.


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