Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mama Kat's Writers Workshop

I remember when...
I was young, unmarried, and childless
I didn't have a care...
I could get out my car, and not have to wait, or tell someone to watch for cars.
I could come or go all I wanted, without having to check in, and could go anywhere I wanted.
I could sleep in on Saturday and Sunday's.
I could clean my house in an hour... top to bottom.
It would stay clean for about a week.
I only had to do a load of laundry a week, or could take everything to the dry cleaners and fluff n fold, and pay someone else to do it....
I didn't have to worry about anything or anyone...
Just me.
I could shop all I wanted...
I could read all I wanted...
I could decide where I wanted to go on vacation based on my needs and desires.
I could take as long as I wanted in the shower, and no one would be there knocking on the door to ask me how long I was gonna be. There were no burning questions to be answered.
I didn't have to help anyone with homework.
I didn't HAVE to do anything.
If I didn't feel like cooking... I could go out or order in and get the spiciest stuff I wanted.
If I caught a cold, I was the only one getting it... it didn't cycle through an entire house for weeks on end.
My car was clean... all the time.
I could buy white carpet if I wanted to.
My purse didn't weigh 400 lbs, it wasn't filled with mini cars, lizards, DS games, PSP's and other people's cell phones.
My purse could be smaller.
I got the whole bed to myself.
No one snored.
No one hit the Snooze button 1,000 times a morning... unless it was ME!
I could watch all the chick flicks I wanted.
Nascar never existed for me.
My boobs didn't sag so low, I could scratch them around my knees.
My entire body wasn't a roadmap.
I didn't have grey hair.
I didn't have a worry in the world.
You know what?
I wouldn't go back to that for all the money in the world.
(well, maybe the boob thing, yeah)
Sounds kinda boring huh?
Just all the me, me, me, me....
Well, I promised myself I was gonna take a couple of "me" days, and I just booked them.
I booked the Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach for 3 glorious days ALONE!
I am sooo excited.
I'm packing books, laptop, capri's, a few blouses, flip flops, undies, and maybe a cell phone.. I'm not sure.
Saundra is gonna find Saundra again.
I'm gonna get my groove back.
I need some swagger.
I love my chaotic, overfilled, cup runneth over, incredibly fantastic wife and mom life... but
a girl's gotta do , what a girl's gotta do.
I have to wait until after the I'm done with the stupid Snack Bar.
So... I booked July.
Ahhh... I can feel myself relaxing already...


  1. Perfect. I wish I was joining you in a weekend alone. It has been so long I am not sure I would like it, I might be frightened to be alone with my thoughts! I am NeVer alone!

    Have a great day and enjoy your vacation for all the over extended Mommies out there.

  2. Some of this sounds familiar. I often think back when I was single and thought of all the great things that I could do if I were married. Now I sometimes lament on what I could do if I were single again. As they say, the grass is always greener..... But, i, too am happy where I am now.

  3. Yay! I love this post and your plans for yourself at the end of it :) I think many mamas can relate to this message!

  4. EXACTLY!!! Maybe I'll crash your party and meet you for lunch one day!! :D

  5. oooh, im jealous... you'll have lots and lots of great fun "YOU" time!

  6. How fun and relaxing. I think every mom needs a vacation like that.

  7. GREAT post...again!! Oh, I remember those days...without responsibility....without a care or a stress or a worry about other lives.... And also without all of the love and fun I get from them!!

  8. What a great remember when! How funny how no one would go back to the past.

  9. Sounds W O N D E R F U L !!
    Meet you out by the pool with a Mai Tai!

  10. I'm jealous of the 3 free days you are getting! Enjoy ever moment, it will go fast!

  11. I also wouldn't trade my life in a heartbeat. I sure would like a few days on my own, but I think I would miss everyone too much!
    Have fun!

  12. OMG! What a great post!
    I remember having a small purse... A purse that contained only MY stuff! Ahhh, memories.
    Good job!

  13. I hope it is fantastically fun! It will give you something to look forward to! Delightful!

  14. You go girl!
    That sounds amazing!
    Now you have me thinking...where would I go....what would I do???
    I can't STAND being alone...but I should atleast TRY!

  15. What a GREAT post! That is me now and I have to admit I am still trying to hold onto to those childless strings for a few more months, but dont think my husband can stand many more excuses! Oh and the 3 day me trip sounds awesome, I hope you have a blast. When you get back youll have to do a 'How Saundra got her groove back' post! Happy Friday!

  16. It's so interesting to look back on ourselves and see how we and our lives have changed. What a nice post! I love your blog... both how it looks and the content!

  17. You KNOW I'm a big fan of my own time. It makes a difference to everyone in my family - not just me. Still lovin' the snack bar stories...I can't stand children made into ugly beings like that one.

  18. Very well said! Enjoy your YOU time.


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