Monday, May 25, 2009

Money Monday

Happy Memorial Day!
Kiss a soldier today.
You know... there is an old song that says...
"Money makes the world go around, the world go around... oh Money makes the world go around..." or how about the Abba Song...
"Money, money, money... must be funny, in a rich man's world..."
or who can forget the song from Sweet Charity...
"HEY BIG SPENDER!!!! Sppeeeeeend a little time with me...."
Money certainly is a motivating factor in songs and in lives.
I once heard it said that if you have .75 in your pocket at any given time, you are richer than 3/4 of the population of the earth...
How sad is that?
Pretty darn sad, indeed.
Which brings me to yet another quote that affected me when I heard it.
Man says..."God, where are you! How can you abandon us! There are people dying, starving, rotting away from disease, orphaned, maimed and molested! You just left us here, alone!
How could you do that! Who is supposed to help these people!"
God replies..."My son... that's is why YOU are here."
I believe that.
I believe we are not only here for ourselves and our blood families, but for others also.
"To whom much is given... much is required."
Money is nice. It helps us buy things we want. It helps us keep roofs over our heads.
Helps us stay healthy, relatively speaking.
But, we, as Americans, have such an abundance... even the ones that live in poverty, have sooo much more than those that live in other countries.
Where is all of this coming from?
Well, if you must know... I finally saw Slum Dog Millionaire, and it made me shudder with outrage. I felt disgusted with myself and all I have, living here, in my cute little house, and my washing machines, 5 cars, running water, electricity, clean utensils, grocery stores... and in other parts of the world, small children are maimed and blinded, and used like filthy rags.
People still have to wash their clothing in filthy rivers and beat their clothing against rocks.
In Africa, mosquitos are killing thousands a day, for the lack of a simple mosquito netting.
But what can I do about it? How can I help? I am but one person!
Well, here's my answer...
I know times are tough for a lot of people.
I know people feel like they don't have anything to give.
But starting at home is the best way to make a change.
Do you have things around your house that you haven't used or even looked at in several years?
Clothing, books, furniture in a storage facility that you pay on every month, but never use what is inside of it?
Think about blessing someone else with it.
Americans are big on Garage sales and yard sales.
Maybe once, instead of having one, donate what you want to sell to charity.
Have an old car sitting around?
Donate it to the Blind or Deaf... they will make good use of it for their cause.
Time, talent and treasure, and gifts from God that we are supposed to use to help others.
I know, lots of people tithe to their churches, and that money is supposed to be for helping others... but let's face it... lot's of churches are just big businesses now.
(save the hate mail letters... I get it... lots of churches are perfect... I know... I know...How dare I... blah, blah, blah)
Time at a soup kitchen to feed the homeless.
Talent... maybe making items and giving them to the shelters, or providing services at battered womens shelters to help the women get back on their feet, with dignity.
Treasure = money... plain and simple.
Giving to others is a joy that is unmatched.
My friend Sandi, adopts kids with special needs, and raises them, and takes such wonderful care of them.
She is completely selfless, and lots of us don't have the resources or wherewithall to handle 14 kids, much less with special needs... but how about taking our children to an elderly facility and asking the nursing staff which one never has visitors, and having the kids visit every other week and read to the person.
Time = money = treasure...
I wish I had seen that movie sooner.
It really moved me to tears.
I look around my house, and neighborhood and made me want to make it a better place.
I want to go to India and adopt a hundred orphans that have to dig in trash heaps for food, or right here in our own backyard of America, and offer free dental care to the lost children in the backwood of the Appalachia's and a book to read, and school and.. and... and...
What I am asking, my dear readers, is for a call to action.
Something small that will have a big impact.
Time, talent or treasure... to someone less fortunate.
The riches reaped when we sow something like that are far more valuable than money.
And when our children see us give, with our hearts, they, too, will be givers.
Isn't that was we all want?
Help when we are down?
A hand up?
A lift?
Thank you for indulging me today.
Now go celebrate your abundance by giving some of it to others less fortunate!
I love you!


  1. It can be overwhelming when you realize and think of all the suffering and poverty throughout the world. I feel grateful everyday for what I have and what I can provide for my families. I think if everyone just does a little then it will add up to make a big difference. Thanks for the post, I think sometimes people need a reminder that there are others that have much worse. By the way, my friend and I have an award for your blog over at ours. :)

  2. I think a helping hand would indeed make a difference before many are to far gone. The littlest thing means a lot.

  3. You should get in touch with Tabitha at I Choose Bliss. She's doing "Project Uplift" which sounds right up your ally!

  4. A very thought provoking post. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Thank you for this post and for your huge heart Saundra! You've given us all lots to think about. My husband and I are getting ready to move and are hoping to donate lots of things. I saw "Slumdog" too and it moved me to tears as well.

    Happy Memorial Day!


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