Monday, May 11, 2009

Money Monday

I know you had heard that time = money.
But do you know how true that really is?
I know you've also heard that if a Mama were to be paid for all the things she does for her family, she would need to be paid something like 2 millions bucks a year...
I was thinking of this today, Mother's Day.
I have been a huge fan of multi tasking from way back... from birth... like most women.
Come on... you know and I know that we can all talk on the phone, fold the laundry, nurse a baby, and cook dinner at the same time.
Today, I'm going to talk about cooking for our families, and things we can do to simplify this task, chore, delight... whatever you think of it.
For those of you whose HUSBANDS do all the cooking...
Now for all of us NOT so blessed... This post of for YOU!
I have a blog that I don't write in very often right now, but it is still active...
and I really like the blog.
It's called
I really and truly do each and every thing I write about on that blog.
IF YOU NEED HELP ON HOW TO CUT DOWN ON THE TIME AND ENERGY you spend every evening cooking and planning meals... please visit this blog.
I haven't written on it in about three weeks, but not because it isn't valid... it's because of that stupid snack bar I'm running. I only get time to write for one blog, and this one is my main one.
So go visit it and tell me if you can use any of the concepts I came up with.
Have you noticed... this blog is called crazy, and that one is called sane.
Maybe cooking is my Zen, and I didn't even know it.
Saving time equals MONEY in the bank to me.
My MEMORY MAKING BANK. The less time I am prepping and slaving in the kitchen, the more time I can teach and help my kids cook with me and we can enjoy ourselves in the kitchen... hurry and worry free.
Prep is the key to success in the kitchen. Hands down.
Check it out.


  1. hate me hate! hubby cooks all our meals... i know sad right? lol! but, i do totally have an excuse... he gets home from work at 4:00 and i dont get home from work till 7:00.... yep, thats my excuse!

  2. lol...I hate them too (women with husbands that do all the they actually exist?). I do ALL the cooking (cleaning, laundry, diaper changing, feeding, my husband doesn't even know how to boil water. I'll have to check out your other blog. Hope you had a happy day yesterday!

  3. My mom got me 'Betty Crocker: Quick and Easy' back when Josh and I first got together and that book is like a Bible to me!

  4. Sounds fun...I probably shouldn't say much more though, since I'm one of those women you truly HATE!

  5. Saundra, I LOVED your other site...left a comment there. Sorry, but my husband does like to cook :) And at the moment, since we're "somewhat disabled," we have people cooking for us daily, so right now i'm spoiled...;) love to you Bella Mama :)


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