Tuesday, May 19, 2009

What? No one TOLD ME!!!!!

oooohhh BOY!
I didn't know!
I truly DID. NOT. KNOW!
I had NO IDEA!
Did you know?
Did you keep it from me?
The Bachelorette!
Come on!
Since I don't watch commercials anymore, because of my DVR, and only watching taped shows when I can, I HAD NO IDEA THE BACHELORETTE WAS ON!!!
I thought for sure they would have canceled that stupid franchise, after last seasons debacle!
But nooooo...
So... my DVR taped it anyway, even though I didn't set it... it saw The Bachelor wasn't taken off to tape, and went ahead and did it for the Ladies version... plus, Dancing with the Stars went over and it taped 4 minutes of Bachelorette, and then... my heaven opened up and all was right with the world again... true, lasting love reigneth supreme...
Too much fun!
I did like Jillian.
Soooooo... without further adieu, Tuesdays will now be replete with The Bachelorette Fodder!
The season of TRAINWRECK TV has begun!
Oh what a summer it's gonna be!
True love, romance, fake dates, fake tans, fake smiles, lots of six packs, loads of hair gel...
Oh the summer is gonna be fun!
So she had her pick last night.
She looks lovely. Truly lovely.
But some of those guys... YIKES!!!
I don't know their names yet... but give me a minute...
There are two Tanner's, and a Kiptyn... (he must have been BEAT UP in school)
and some dude from either Glasgow or Ireland... with the cockneyest accent, THEY HAD TO PUT SUBTITLES ON THE SCREEN WHEN HE SPOKE... ENGLISH!!!!!
Already, the break dancer bugs me.
I do like Kiptyn for her... just need to get past the Bohemian name.
The one that lost his words at the first meeting, and got the First Impression Rose, totally cute,nice teeth, didn't like him at first... do now.
The FOOT FETISH guy... CREEEEPY! And a total pinhead.
LOVED THE PILOT, THE ARGENTINIAN contractor, and few others...
But the two that bugged me were the Country singer dude... (wannabe Kenny Chesney)
and Foot Fetish Fool.
I have to admit, I fell asleep during the rose ceremony, so late tonight, I'm going to have to re watch and see who she picked, or just wait for next weeks episode...yeah.. I'll wait.
So...I'm off to make a new post header for the new show...
Ahhh... something to write about on Tuesdays for the next 10 weeks.
Such fun!


  1. That was great! So glad that your DVR recorded this for you because I can't wait to read your updates every week!

  2. I liked Country Dude and I like the looks of the guy who choked up but I don't like how he was saying to Greasy hair dude "yeah I'm talking about you at least I'm not talking behind your back" to me that seemed a little catty and uncalled for. I think's a bit immature. I also like cowboy dude with the hat. Did he go home?

  3. I thought of you as it was on in the background-I stopped blogging when the foot guy came on---ewww! She needs to run, not walk away from him!!! God forbid I was judged by my feet!!!

  4. you-oh... im a loser... i could never get into any of the bachelor or bachelorettes!!

  5. LOL! Trainwreck TV! I must admit that creepy foot fetish guy makes me want to run for the hills screaming. He is just not right!

  6. I don't usually watch that...some nonsense that my husband keeps spouting about all the reality tv that I watch kept me from taping another one. The good news is we got a second DVR receiver so now I can record all the reality TV I want on one and leave the other one for the boring "manly" shows. Thanks for the heads up!

  7. This show is too much for my brain to process. I can't watch it. I just keep thinking...she has a mama and her mama has to watch this??? Maybe even meet one of these twits. It's too much

  8. I have the same problem because of my dvr. I never watch commercials, so I never know when new shows are starting.

    I might have to check out the Bachelorette this season. I don't watch regularly, but everyone is talking about Jillian, so I'll probably get addicted too.

  9. trainwreck tv, lol!

  10. I don't watch it myself but I love reading the recaps. :-D

  11. I thought of you when it came on last night. :) I sat through it and half watched. I am so torn. I swore off the show after that last nonsense.... but then I love Jillian. Ahh we'll see. :)

    I agree on all points and foot fetis guy. Eew! But muscle meat head that didn't get a rose - that was the best decision so far. I hated him from his first shot on the screen. Muscle Model?! uugh.

  12. I just never got into this show. But I sure heard a lot about the last one.

  13. OMG that was hilarious! You totally made me laugh. Love yoru blog!

  14. You are so funny! My main train wreck addictions are kept to Survivor and sometimes the Real Housewives! Not sure if I am going to be able to handle the Jersey women though. :)

  15. I also didn't know that the Bachelorette was starting. I never saw a commercial, its like it was a deep hidden secret. I caught the last 40 minutes. I will enjoy watching the Bachelorette, maybe, I know I will enjoy stopping by your blog the next morning to get the full report. So much fun!

  16. I'm clueless :) But you're hilarious...:)

  17. Being Canadian myself I am sooooooooo excited to watch this one!

  18. OMG I'm cracking up!!! I love that there are others out there that blog about this too!

    I have to say, I am married to an Italian - I'm Irish.. LOL... but I'm loving my Italian men!


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