Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Baby it's cold outside...

Holy Moly it's cold outside...

It's the end of the year, and I haven't done anything I planned on doing with my 2 weeks off.  I need to make a new syllabus, plan a new middle school cooking class, print out recipes, write recipes, continue my novel and cookbook, clean out under my bed, get rid of tons of unused things to donate...

Oy Vay...

I actually miss work!  This is too much pressure!!! ;)

I have been baking a TON of pretzel bread recently... my new obsession... and much to my kids happiness... they have been devouring it.

My Mom and I have been baking fiends the past few weeks... and catering a bunch too.  It's so much fun to cook and just 'be' with my Mama in the kitchen.  We have yet to find out if we "got" a gig catering an impromptu wedding on New Year's Eve... fingers crossed!  It would be fun to cater and enjoy a wedding and all the music that comes with it on NYE.
We also have a huge Football Banquet for our Football team to cook for on Jan. 5.  Holy Moly... I sure wish we had that thing in December... LOL... but... we have a ton of awesome people willing to do whatever it takes and help... so it will be so much fun to cook, laugh and fellowship with everyone in my classroom...

There have been a lot of Basketball tournaments lately... so we've been trying to get to a couple here and there...
I just enjoy being home so much and not 'needing'  to be somewhere... that we just don't get out that much right now... LOL...

There have been a bunch of Amazon.com packages coming in... that's been fun...getting gifts after the fact... it's a great time... Like a mini Christmas every day.

Just found out my new Ipod doesn't fit ANY of my older Ipod (less than a year ago) stuff... so all my junk had to be passed down to the kids for their Ipod Touch's, and I had to buy all new junk for mine... sooooo sucks!  But.. the new one has video and camera... so I'm set for any event now...in a much more compact form.  Those companies just keep tweaking things jusssst enough to get every single penny out of us... huh?

***to my irked reader (you know who you are)... notice how this blog post doesn't resemble anything that may/maynot be something that irks you... Well... there are about 599 other ones just like this... why don't you focus on your own life... and leave me alone... Thank you so much for reading me... but really... you should find time to do things in your life that fulfill you and make your life better... mine is just fine at the moment... thanks... I don't need or want your opinion on what I write, post, or have experienced in my life... you do you... I'll do me.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Basketball, baseball, work oh my!!!

Holy frijole!!!

Time is just flying by!!! It feels like yesteday that I accepted my position as Teacher at ACA... and now it's ALREADY CHRISTMAS?? REALLY??? How did that happen?

William is now playing basketball.  He made Varsity, so games are now at 7:30 p.m.  So it makes for a long day... THANK GOD he's driving himself.  Did I just say that??? I did!!!

Alex just decided to play baseball at school, so now we have that too.  Now life feels like it's back to normal. Johnathon is in drumline at school, and is about to play soccer for his school.  

I really need three of me.  I sure wish someone would come up with that already.

I still really love my class and teaching my class.  I get to keep them all year, because the Ceramic Teachers kiln never showed up for next semester. Sad for the ceramics teacher... happy for me.

We are making desserts and sweets the next week, and the week we come back from break, then we get to make stuff I really know how to cook.  Desserts aren't my forte'.  I'm a savory girl.  My Mama is gonna help me out by teaching them to make her specialties when we return from break... thank God!!!

Ugh... I am soooo tired.  I need to sleep..,