Monday, October 3, 2011

It's been so long!!!

I think about this all the time.  I get ready to post something on here... then a student walks into my classroom, or the dishes need to be done... or this... or that...

BEING A WORKING MOM is soooo different from being a Stay at Home Mom!!!

I was called every name in the book last January for being a blogger...

Can you believe it?  It wasn't even from a stranger... it was from a RELATIVE!!!  Ha ha!!!
She told me to "just stick to cooking and 'your men" and stop blogging"... she took high offense to the fact that I like being Italian, and named my blog "Italian Mama" and how dare I think I am "so Italian"... blah, blah, blah...  Funny right??

I was all gung ho to continue blogging, in spite of the rashen of crap I got from "her", then the school I teach at decided to give me two more classes for the new semester... and voila!! 12 hour days doing what I love!  I bet she thought I stopped blogging because of her tirade... HA!!! She doesn't know me very well...

I am still teaching Culinary Arts at my son's High School... AND I ADORE MY JOB!!!  Truly adore it.
Being at work makes me happy.  I don't remember what I did before!!! 

I teach two classes a day, and I also run a lunchtime homework session for middle and high schoolers.

Maybe one day I'll write a book about the fun stuff that happens at our school... some of the things kids say and do are hilarious!!!

My sons attend a Christian/Private High School, and we have the greatest group of young minds... thoughtful, polite, well mannered... and soooo funny!!!

My oldest is graduating this year. {{sigh}}

He has applied to his number one choice of college... a month early... he REALLY wants to go to Azuza Pacific University... and private Christian College about an hour from here. I hope he gets in... but I just don't know how we'll swing the $48,000 a year... lots of prayer, I suppose??? We've been paying tuition for the past 12 years for all three of our this should just be a continuation... right... HA!

I need to get 8 more jobs.  Fast.


  1. Ciao amicha! I just happened to stumble across your blog and love it! I'm an Italian Mama too! :) I also have three kids, although they're not kids anymore! My daughter Rikki is 22, my son Jay will be 19 this week and the baby, Zach is 15.

    I can definitely empathize with you on the college tuition. Ugh! My (almost) 19 y/o is a Freshman and I just now managed to figure out how to pay for year one. (Now just to get through the next 3) I told him if he goes to graduate school, he's on his own. LOL I'm still freaking out a bit because he's my first child to actually move away. (My daughter goes to a local college) He's still in state but a couple hours' drive away living in a campus dorm. :(

    I don't have to tell you, you're an Italian Mama, you know how we worry and end up pestering the crap out of our boys. LOL (Are you eating okay? You're eating good food and not just junk, right? Are you sleeping okay? You're not up late partying too much are you?)

    It sounds like you are a very busy lady! I do hope you find time to blog here and there. You have a knack for blogging/conversation, or like my Pop likes to tell ME...The gift of gab. His nickname for me is "Gabby." He's called me that since I was a little girl.


  2. Hi Saundra!
    I just had to check up on my bloggy friend-we are in the same boat! I am now teaching full time and love it, and barely have time to blog. I am glad to read you are all well--
    Love, ruby red slippers


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