Saturday, June 23, 2012

It's been a long while... a long, long while... hasn't it?

Soooo, so, so very much has happened in the last six months...

We've moved... after 19 years in the same little house, we finally bit the bullet and moved... to a much, much larger home...with a gorgeous view, triple the land, and bunch of coyotes and roadrunners!

My oldest graduated from High School two weeks ago, we actually moved the day of graduation!  What idiots!

I've been diagnosed with OsteoArthritis in my right hip, and am now walking sometimes with a cane.  Fun Stuff!

This blogger thing has changed a lot in the last half a year... it's awkward!

Hopefully, I'll be able to take some breaks from unpacking boxes to write a little more on here... but I think I'm gonna change it to a cooking blog...something like "An Italian Mama Cooks" or something like that!

I will be adding in stories from my life, and childhood... soooo... those of you that are extremely sensitive to my childhood, (you know who you are... sweetie) make sure not to think I am writing about you... just sayin'!

okay... until later...



  1. I am so glad you updated! I sooo love your blog! I would love to see some ofmyour cooking on here!

  2. Glad you checked in! Sorry about your hip, but congrats on the new home and having one boy out of high school. Take care and enjoy your new digs.

  3. Hi cousin and congrats to both William and the entire family. When you get settled let me know...

  4. You have some interesting thoughts! Perhaps we should consider about trying this myself. I will be coming back to your blog for more soon. from Crazy People


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