Sunday, September 5, 2010

I'm obsessing again...

I'm a tad bit overwhelmed.   I get like that from time to time, especially when I start a new venture or there is a lot of change in my life...

The recent changes have been my teaching job (I only teach one class, but I'm gone all day long... why is that?),  and now the opportunity to sell my food after school to anyone milling around for sports, in car pool, and the kids that are required to come into study hall instead of loitering all over campus.

I'm nervous.  Will my food sell?  Will it taste good?  Are my prices okay... I'll make a little money, but not gouge my customers either?  Will I make a profit? yada, yada, yada... my brain needs to STOP!!!

I need to just remember that I can't gage anything UNTIL I TRY IT... and until I TRY it, I can't gage anything... LOL

Last night, I was up late making out my menu and price lists.  I was wracking my brain trying to come up with pretty Italian words to describe my food, and name the food.  I know... I concentrate on the dumbest things... but that's the creative side of me...I like to have things "just so".

I REFUSE to sell chips, soda and junk.  I CATEGORICALLY REFUSE to do so... even though it would be a huge money maker... selling that poison to kids after school will make me lose sleep at night.  No way... no how...  All the food is handmade, with love and know how, and will FEED them, body and soul, not just fill them up with empty calories and fat.

Here's a sample of my menu...
 Breadsticks & Marinara

Freshly made thick crust gourmet pizza

Cookies & Milk
(fresh, fiber filled cookies and 2% milk)

Nutella Sandwiches

Meatballs and Sauce

Artisan Sandwiches

Thick cut bread slice and Honey Butter


Iced Tea (unsweetened)


That's just a sampling.  How does it sound?  I would allow my kids to buy food after school if it was those choices... I'm also offering salads, veggies and dip, and a host of other goodies, that are highly nutritious.
I hope the parents that work late, will appreciate the effort and encourage their kids to try eating after school while doing their homework, so it can lessen the burden for the parents.  I also hope they give them money to purchase the food.  I get a LOT of kids coming in to my class asking for free food, and it breaks my heart to have to say no... but I can't buy groceries and feed people out of my own pocket... it's hard enough to feed my 3 boys... let alone a bunch of kids at school too...

Ugh... I HATE when I do this to myself... I have self doubt about every other minute... I obsess about it...and really... I just have to realize... I'M NOT CURING A DISEASE... I'M JUST DOING WHAT I KNOW HOW TO DO!!!  It's a small thing in the realm of "things to worry about"... so I just need to STOP!   Right? Make it STOP!!!!

I feel so much better now... having vented to you all...

I think I'll go do my stretching now... and have a nice cup of coffee... and stir my sauce... and get ready for church... and stir my sauce again...and not forget to turn the burner off... and stir the sauce again...

Happy Sunday Everyone!


  1. Sandra,
    You could solicit donations for those kids who cannot afford to buy food from churches or other parents who can afford to give a little extra. Then those kids who truely do not have money could volunteer to help with the cooking in exchange for a treat. Another thought is that you will help them with some food only after you talk to one of their parents, so get their number and you can offer to call. I can see where kids may have the money for food, but choose not to spend it if they can get the food free so they can spend it on other things. When I was in school, I would save my lunch money and not eat so I would have money for birthday and Christmas gifts to give. But I did not bum food. I was glorying in staying slim by not eating! Anyway it would be good to find the motivation for kids asking for food. I am sure that there are some parents who spend all they have extra on tuition and don't have the extra money to give them, and in that case donations would be appropriate.

  2. Great ideas!!! Trust your gut its the best guide you have.

  3. I love your blog!! I'm following!!! Good luck with your job You will do great! The food list sounds good!

  4. What a great menu selection! I love the breadsticks. I bet those will be popular! Cookies--yum, yum! Pizza--always a favorite! Your ROCK! Hope you will be able to figure out everything soon and settle into a routine you can manage. I'm the same way about obsessing over a new project. Have fun doing what you love!

  5. Don't obsess!
    You rock-as my boys would say...and they would be buying things from you-
    You will do great!

  6. Question: How does it sound?

    Answer: It sounds like a lunch bistro that I want to go to on a Saturday afternoon. ~ "I'll have a slice of the freshly made thick crust gourmet pizza, some ice tea and a cookie for dessert!"

    I was happy to read your comment on my "Ask... Receive... Say Thank you." post. I'm not sure if you know it, but you are actually are very good at doing it!

    Have a great week Saundra, and try not to obsess too much. You've done your research, now just give it a go and see where it takes you. But more than anything else... enjoy the journey!

  7. Oh my gosh, that looks fantastic! I am sooooo hungry now!


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