Friday, November 12, 2010

Chick chick chicken!!!

At this very moment... I am sitting in my awesome classroom, waiting to cook chicken.  Doesn't that seem like a fun thing to be doing?

My hubby just left... he brought lunch over to my classroom, since I don't leave at all on Thursdays.  He leaves for HAWAII tomorrow, without me.  I meet up with him next week.  I can't wait for the rest.

 But truth be told, I'm going to miss my class.  I'm rotten.  I didn't want anyone to cook with them but me... so I made up a bunch of stuff for them to do while I'm away, that doesn't involve cooking, so they will miss me bunches... LOL!!!  So I have a test for them on one day, and a recipe writing task on another... isn't that terrible?

Tonight is my last Football meal to cook for my team in the regular season. I'm a little sad.  It's been SUCH a great time.  All the young men are so fantastic.  They REALLY appreciate the food, and the effort put forth by all the parents.  It's a real pleasure to cook for them.

We also had our 2nd Fundraiser this week, and it went really well!  My students ROCKED IT... they even earned Tips!!!

Our next one is December 1, and we are coupling our dinner with the opening of our play... and we are making Meatball Calzones, salads, cupcakes or Cream Puffs... sooo excited!!!

I gotta get to work now to feed these boys...

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  1. you are such a lucky dog to be able to go to Hawaii!!hope it's a blast (like duh why wouldn't it be?!)

    quick question: I've looked everywhere on this site and your cooking one and I cannot find yor recepie to make the sweet bread you make, and I really want to make it for my family for Turkey day :) if you should be so kind as to post it or email it or link me to it I would be forever greatful!


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