Wednesday, December 23, 2009

This Christmas...I won't...

I just can't bring myself to do it.
I know it's not popular.
I know I'll sound like a scrooge.
I even know I'll sound cheap...
but I absolutely refuse to buy my kids such an abundance of gifts, that they drown in them on Christmas morning.
I have read all over the papers and on the computer, people going out and spending money they don't have on gifts people don't need... and it breaks my heart.
I have NEVER... nor will I EVER be the type of parent that waits in line, or scours all over kingdom come for the "Hot new Toy" of the year. Ever.
Of course I'll be getting my kids stuff for them to open... a few things.
Just because I can afford to buy them 25 things doesn't mean I have to buy them 25 things each... does it?
They will be getting what they want, within reason... but no more.
I don't care at all, that when they go to school in a few weeks, the other students will be talking about all stuff they got, and how many things were under the tree for them.
My kids will have some nice new stuff.
They will also have fed the homeless.
They will also have given gifts to those less fortunate.
They will also be reminded that the biggest gift to the world was given to us, in the form of our Messiah, and our gift back is to take care of those that can't take care of themselves.
I was out shopping today, for food for our camping trip to the beach, and I was
saddened by all the stuff people were fighting and yelling over in the Costco bins.
Apparently, one husband wouldn't be able to LIVE without the Adidas size M sweat pants one lady was pulling out of another womans hands...
Is this what it's come to?
Call me tacky, or unfeeling... but I've actually given written notes to my kids when I didn't find something they wanted, and told them it would be a few days or weeks until it got to them...
You know what? The kids usually said something like...
"You know Mom, it's okay, I'd rather have (fill in the blank) than that thing, so don't worry".
I wasn't worried.
It just doesn't occur to me to worry about giving my kids "STUFF" or enough "stuff".
I am with them all the time.
I take them to everything they love.
I cook for them.
I clean for them.
I tell them I love and adore them every day.
I play games with them.
We cook together.
I give them privileges.
They go to wonderful schools.
We take them everywhere we travel.
My kids get "stuff".
Just not always in a box.
Or with wrapping paper.
I hope they do the same for their kids someday.
It is so much less of a burden to constantly keep up with the Jones's.
So tonight, I'll be done wrapping gifts in about 1/2 an hour.
Jesus was given three gifts upon his birth, and he is the Messiah.
I love my boys and think they are the world...but they don't get more than the Messiah did.
Have a wonderful, memory filled Holiday.
Take lots of pictures...
and remember the Reason for the Season... He's not visible unless you look deeply into your children's eyes... they can see Him like we can't.


  1. WOW! Touche! Thanks for saying this. My kids aren't necessarily getting alot either! In fact my 10 year old said her fave part about christmas is spending time with the family....

  2. Love it and agree as usual, which is why I keep coming back to your blog. Have a wonderful christmas and camping trip with your sweet family.

  3. Thank you Saundra! You are absolutely right! I am feeling really good about my decision to not go crazy for Christmas. I know that I give them a lot throughout the year by being there when they need me most. Have a very Merry Christmas! :0)


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