Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Writer's Workshop 12-17-09

Mamakat's Writer's Workshop prompts I chose for this week are...
What is your life motto?
What is your cross to bear?
Hmmmm... I chose these two to confront myself about a couple of things...
I kinda feel I need a "come to Jesus" about a few I'm writing to myself when I write the things I see and say.
I have lots of motto's in life...
"To know me is to roll your eye's at me"
"Yes, I love myself... and if you don't... I ain't got no time for you!"
"Don't be late... because it shows a lack of respect for other people's time and effort"
"Don't wait for tomorrow... tomorrow may never come... do it NOW!"
AND a host of others...
As I type these "mottos" I notice they sound an awful lot like reprimands to other people.
I swear they aren't... but they sure look like they are... huh?
After living with a passive agressive husband for the past 17 years... I guess I've garnered a bit of his personality. Ugh... much to my chagrin.
My motto from now on will be...
Love... just do it.
I guess those things up there weren't really motto's after all.. more like mantras.
I have tons of those... but mostly when I am talking to my husband.
That poor guy... but he started it!
Prompt #2
What is my cross to bear?
This one hit me like a ton of bricks...
I'm having a little bit of a problem with procrastination the past few weeks...
No.. that's not true... not a little bit of a problem... a HUGE problem... actually.
Oh... wait... let me clarify... I'M not the problem... oh heaven's no...
Bill is.
Yes... Bill.
That man...
I adore him.
I love him so much.
I would give my life for him.
BUT HOLY COW... can he put crap off until the twelfth of NEVER!!!!!
He is chronically late.
Perpetually late.
Always, always, always late.
I don't DO late.
If he knows he has a month to do something.. he will wait until day 29 1/2, one minute till midnight to complete or even start it.
When he is home on the weekends... he walks around the house like a man without a country...
he knows he has stuff to take care of... he just doesn't get his day started until 4 p.m.
It has gotten to the point that I am thinking of getting a weekend job JUST so I won't have to be home to witness the wandering.
I had a heart to heart with him last week... and told him my dilemma.
He listened.
I told him I know he works soo hard to provide for all of us... and that he does a fantastic job.
I told him how blessed I know I am being able to be a stay at home Mama for the past 16 years, and he is the reason for it. I told him how proud of him I am... that he has such a good, long standing reputation at work for being able to come through and "fix" everything that comes up.
(I don't think he procrastinates at work... if he did..he wouldn't have a job any more."
I also told him that he was the one that asked me to come up with a "Honey Do" list for him during the week, and that he would be sure to tackle the list on weekends...
Sometimes the list is long... and sometimes the list is non just
depends on the week.
Then an entire weekend goes by... and he get upset with himself that he didn't get anything accomplished...
Ugh... that is my cross to bear...
So... if you're looking for an organized, prompt, courteous, former teacher with years of experience in laundry, cooking, bookkeeping, nursing, maid service, chauffering, and child rearing... I'm your girl...
Otherwise... Calgon... take me away!


  1. Just keep repeating your mantras. Peace and enlightenment will come - or else you'll just get tired.

    Speaking of males and procrastination, I haven't started my Christmas shopping yet. Yikes!

  2. I have a hard time understanding why some people procrastinate that much too. Definitely hard to figure but don't think you're going to be able to change that, best to just accept that's how he is and let it go.

    Visiting from Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop.

  3. I always love your posts, they're hilarious! I get the mantras, I do that too.. Right now I'm working on "Let Go" lol.

    Visiting from Mamma Kat's!

  4. Saundra - handsome hubby sounds like a classic adult with ADD. Check out Dr. Hallowell's site - he's one of the leaders in the field. His book "Driven to Distraction is a classic.

    Most adults go undiagnosed or are not diagnosed until later in life (like moi)

  5. Stopping by from Mama Kat's…

    I think I have a tone of mantras as well, so I never took on this weeks writing challenge.

    I always like to be on time, so whenever someone seems to be running late it gets me nervous. Sometimes I wish I could just drag them out the door— but don't.

  6. Love. So simply put and so exactly what we are here for. I love that.

  7. i'm right there with you Saundra...i HATE late...I don't DO IT.

  8. It's funny what we put up with in our guys! I think that must be where "Can't live with them, can't live without them" came from. HUSBANDS!!

    Saundra, hope you and the family are doing well and enjoying the holiday. I didn't want the season to go by without stopping by and wishing you a Merry Christmas!


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