Friday, June 18, 2010

My Spoiled Kids...

My kids are bummed...
They get sandwiches like this...

Everyday for lunch when school is in session...
Homemade bread... fresh meat, fresh veggies, my dressing...
And they COMPLAIN!!!
Because I am still making them for lunch when they are home now too...
Ungrateful little rodents... huh?

Would YOU eat this?

I don't make the same thing everyday, and sometimes I cook a hot lunch for them...

But really?

What if I decided to buy Lunchables and Cheetos for lunch for them... I wonder what they would say to that?

Holy Shiza!!!

I can't seem to do anything right... and quite frankly... I don't care what  they think... I'm the boss, and they'll eat what I make... but I've just gotta vent...ya know???


  1. Oh man, if that's lunch every day- can I move in?! Looks DELISH!!!

  2. Ohmygosh!!!! OK hun, adopt me already! I promise not to complain!!!! What yummy looking sandwiches - perfect on a hot day!

    We fly out in 30 days and it's been crazy around here. But I wanted to pop in and say hi!! *waving*

  3. kids will complain about anything....they look delish

  4. I bet they would love to have some Cheetos!

  5. Saundra,

    Happy belated birthday!! I LOVE the table and what the heck is on that sandwich because I want to make one NOW. Seriously, I'm going to check out your other blog for recipes - I can't stand my kids having junk for lunch. (That stuff is for me. Kidding!!!).

  6. can make me lunch everyday!! I definitely will NOT complain!!


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