Monday, June 28, 2010


Do you know of or are you one of those people that just HAS to have the NEWEST ANYTHING on the market... the SECOND it comes out for sale?  I have a question for you or that person you know... "HOW CAN YOU LIVE LIKE THAT?"

I came across a person today... that just totally amazed me with her CONSTANT banter about how she JUST HAS to have ANYTHING that is new, upgraded, or in season... BEFORE ANYONE ELSE SHE KNOWS has it...  She likened it to being in a constant competition with her family and friends to get it first...

As she spoke, and lamented about having to stand in line a couple weeks ago or whenever it was, for the new iphone 4G, and the new Ipad that has WiFi...I was trying to ask her this question... before she rambled on and on and on about about others items I am clueless about... I asked her... "How... on your salary working at Forever 21 and Starbucks part time, can you afford to buy all these things you just HAVE TO HAVE before anyone else?"  Her answer?  "Credit cards".

Ugh...I couldn't help but roll my eyes... I know it was supremely rude... but it was involuntary.  She then went on to tell me now "Holier than thou" I was being.. and I just rolled my eyes again at her...  How can I possibly take offense from someone that spends her life buying intangible items with credits cards... just to say she HAS the newest and most up to date "whatever".  Did I mention this person is 35 years old, with 2 kids and a husband?

I was watching the movie "The Book of Eli" the other night... and Denzel (yummy!) said a line that really struck a chord with me... something along the lines of... "We had too much, we threw away things that people kill for now." 

I mean... I want an Ipad... I really do... but since I can't pay for it cash at this time... i won't be getting one... I will have one eventually... but I'm not willing to put myself into debt for it.. ya know?

I hear sooooo many people saying things like... "Oh, I deserve this indulgence... I can't afford it, but I deserve it, so I'm gonna get it anyway" or "I work hard, and times are tough, and this thing will make me happy."...

It's so sad to know someone that feels COMPELLED to go into massive debt just for bragging rights...  I mean... she bought a dress for $500 a month ago, that A) she's yet to wear, and B) only bought it because her favorite actress wore it in a picture...  REALLY?  Do I really know people THAT shallow?  She told her daughter to 'BORROW' a prom dress from her Aunt, and she can buy herself a $500 dress that's just sitting in the closet?

Thank God I only know this person as an acquaintance, and we were in a group setting when she was rambling on about her "dilemma".  Another friend hit me playfully on the shoulder when I rolled my eyes, then whispered in my ear... "My thoughts exactly".

I certainly hope my kids don't turn into people like that...  They don't get a lot of things other people have...but I feel like they have plenty... ya know?

Just wanted to vent...


  1. I agree. I have friends with huge car payment like cell phone bills that wonder why they have no money or have to constantly work to pay the bills. We live a comfey (SP) little life with me working part time. We pay our bills on time, all the time. I still judge that we have too much and are priveledged. Oh well. Have a good one.

  2. That is pretty sad and a good reminder. I know I spend too much money on my hobby and I've tried to cut back. But I don't do it for "bragging rights" - I just enjoy it that much, lol! And I always put my family first, like you do!


  3. Yeah, I know. We're surrounded by the narcassists too, and I try to limit my contact with them. The ones that really irk me spend without end (you know, the ones with new cars, just back from the second trip to Disney this year, and $500 dresses in the closet), who then demand the few school trip scholarships for their kids or file paperwork for the free Y membership because "they don't have any money"

    This one hit close to home, Saundra - are you sure you weren't at the same gathering?!?

  4. They are everywhere! I just do my best to stay clear of them.

    I want an iPad too. But *sigh* I won't be getting one any time soon either!

  5. People like that make me sick.


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