Thursday, July 1, 2010

What a boatload of sandwiches looks like...

Made a TON of sandwiches for our ACA footballers... this is only half...

Homemade olive oil foccacia, Bella Sera Balsamic Bliss dressing, mustard, tomato and lettuce.

One coach asked where I bought the bread, he loved it... and he didn't believe me at first that I never buy ANY type of bread anymore... ever... and made all the bread myself...

I get such a rush cooking for people who are foodies... and to be honest... even for non foodies...

Each of these got individually wrapped, and my Mama made her famous cookies, and they each got a cookie too...

I can't wait to cook for the entire team!


  1. YUM!!! My mouth is watering just seeing those sandwiches.

    Saundra, do you make your bread every few days or do you make it and freeze some? I love making bread but hate that it has to be eaten so quickly - we always end up with an end that no one will eat. Any hints?

  2. Oh my goodness. They look so delicious! YUM!

  3. Had me an oar... I want to jump into that boat!


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