Thursday, July 1, 2010

Writer's Workshop July 1, 2010

Whew... I haven't done a Writer's Workshop from MamaKat's in forever!!! Time to get back to it! 

So this time, I am to list 10 things that would surely put a smile on my face, when I'm not happy...

Truth be told... even though I'm cynical as all get out... I'm actually a pretty happy person most of the time... but lately... I've been thinking of wearing only black and white vertical stripes and carrying around a whistle... Why?
Because I have two teenagers, and one pre pubescent raging hormone 11 year old, and these days, I feel more like a REFEREE than I do a Mama!  All the testosterone in this house is gonna put a mustache on my face and hair on MY chest if I don't do something to get out once in a while... quick... (Being an Italian woman, that concept is NOT funny!!!)

So... here are my 10 things that would make me happy, even when I'm not...

1.  Never having to repeat myself again... {{when I get to heaven... and if God ever asks me what my hearts desire is... I KNOW I will say... "God... love of my life... thank you for saving me... and allowing me into your presence... my hearts desire would be to live in a REPEAT FREE ZONE...thank you, and did I mention that I love and adore you?  Oh... and those three lovely boys outside my door?... THEY are the ones that will HEAR me and UNDERSTAND WHAT I AM SAYING... most of all, here in heaven... Okay?}}

2.  Having a nice, big, clean, private, gorgeous bathroom to go to and be able to have a lovely soaking tub and a HUGE lock on the door, complete with loud music and sound proof walls...

3.  An outdoor wood burning oven to make all my breads and pizza's in...(the foundation is laid... but the structure is yet to be built... {{I know... I know... all in good time}}

4.  Someone ELSE washing, folding and putting away the clothes... (truth be told, I only wash and fold, the boys put away... but still)

5.  For a crotchity old man who has nothing better to do than try to make someone else's life as miserable as his, to get his just desserts...

6.  A new wardrobe that fit, since I've lost 80 lbs, I swim in my clothes... :)

7.  Losing 80 more lbs...

8.  Having more people order dinners from me, so they can eat a good healthy, hearty meal without having to cook for themselves one or two nights a week...

9.  All the books I want to read this summer to magically appear on my door step...

10.  Did I mention not having to repeat myself?  Oh... I just did, huh... figures...


  1. We have a lot in common. I too have three teenage boys at home 15, 13, and 11. Plus come August we will be having a 16 yo boy from Brazil come stay with us. So I can totally relate to feeling like I need some girl time. I did threaten to turn the living room into one big pink flower but I don't think I could live with that.

  2. It would make ME happy to have someone else come and cook me healthy good for me meals two or three times a week. :-)

  3. Found you via Mama Kat's blog. Loved your list -- I can so relate to wanted a "repeat free zone" -- Amen!

  4. Haha...I thought mine were the only kids who needed a referee!!!

  5. What is up with having to repeat yourself 20 times to men/boys? I have two sons, and I think my daughter keeps me sane. We just shake our heads when one of the males (including my husband) asks a question that we just covered.

  6. Stopped by from Mama Kat's..

    I'm Italian too! :) Love your "no repeat" wish. I have no kids - but I do have a husband and a brother-in-law who lives with us at the moment, and I feel like I'm ALWAYS saying the same thing OVER and OVER again..

  7. I missed you. : )
    80 pounds! That is so amazing. I have been so super depressed about weight lately. I feel hopeless. I am happy for you.

    The wood burning oven in your backyard sounds amazing : )

  8. ahahahahaha! Well Sandra, my name is also Sandra, so just based on that, we have to be friends and get along! I loved your post and I'm so glad I found you on MamaKat. I'll be back 'cause I love and appreciate honesty!

  9. I'm so GLAD that I found your blog!! I love your list. I'm always saying that I'm a referee in my house. I feel like I could go work for the WWE some days :) Happy to follow you!


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