Thursday, June 10, 2010

Summer time blues

So school is out.  Yipeee.  Can't you just FEEL the enthusiasm through the computer screen?'s palpable... I can tell.

While I am very happy that all the "What homework do you have tonight" and "You have a 20 page report due WHEN?" 's are over for a while...I no longer look forward to summer the way I did when they were all small.

Summer now means 3 p.m. drives to school for football practice all summer long.  Two-a-days in August.  So it severely cuts into my beach time...I knew it was coming.  I knew as soon as my kid hit high school this was the "norm"... I remember when my summers were filled with early morning drill team practices (6:30 a.m.), and late night dance practices at the dance studio.  There was no time for a "vacation".

Although we are taking full advantage of a vacation next week... I used to like to spread them out over the course of the summer and have little tidbits of fun in the sun sporadically.  Alas...I must succumb to the schedule set forth by the school and my boys LOVE of playing sports...

I think it'll be really different in October when William is able to drive himself alone.

Speaking of William driving... he had his first official behind-the-wheel class last Sunday. The driving instructor came to pick him up.  Will was ready an hour before... go figure.  He was gone for two hours when the phone rang and William said "Uh... Mom... the driving instructor wants to come to the door and talk to you when we get there, so be ready."

I panic... and say "Is everything okay? Did you wreck? What aren't you telling me!  Answer me young man!"

He just says "Everything is fine, just meet us at the door when we get there." Hmmmm.... I didn't like the sound of THAT at all!

So they arrive, and I see the car completely intact, and I invite the instructor (so young I could have been his MAMA!) in... which he declines because he has another student in his car...

He thrusts his right hand out to me, which I take, and starts saying things like... "Ma'am, your boy can DRIVE!"and "Thank you for making my job so much easier by buying him that big ole truck in the driveway" and
"He drives like he's been doing it for YEARS!"

I stare at him blankly.  Surely he isn't talking about "Almost hit every parked car cant find the brake William!" So I say... "Really?"

"Oh yeah... he is AWESOME!  He drives like a pro!"

I bite my tongue so I don't ask how old he is... but you should have SEEN William's face behind the dude.  One of sheer joy and "neener neener"!!! 

I laugh, and say... "Well, obviously I am riding with a completely different person in the car... but I am very proud" then I choke.

When the guy leaves, William begins strutting around the house like Nascar Driver after a win... and says  "See Mom... to everyone else, I'm good!"

Lord have mercy.   William... I love you.  You know I do.  But I see my life flash before me everytime we come to a red light... so... I will no longer drive with you... ever.  Amen.  Dad is doing a GREAT job with you, letting you drive at night and on the freeway all the time... I promise to take NO CREDIT at all for your good driving skills... just don't make me get into the passenger seat with you anymore... I beg of you...

My life in the passenger seat is over... AMEN!


  1. Laughed so hard, I cried. I hope I will be able to laugh when Luke drives.

  2. How funny! You should be glad he didn't wreck like you thought. Yea for William!

  3. It's funny, when it's another mom going through it. I remember the days... And soooo dreading it all coming around again!


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