Monday, May 31, 2010

Our Outdoor Fireplace, Dining Room is almost done!!!

The side yard... just before renovations started... bad pool, beach sand, overgrown shrubbery... it's was okay while the kids were small... but now... we are ready for some serious entertaining.

During... still have beach sand... but the fireplace is coming along nicely...
Bill worked on it endlessly on the weekends... endlessly...

Almost done... still need to put seats on the planters, and plant all the banana plants, and ferns...

This fencing is SOOOOO cool... Just regular fence... with silver sheet metal on the back... gives it a very asian feel... with clean lines and modern feel... so of course... I needed to add a little whimsy...

My $10 Pier One table, that Bill built a 5 foot wooden table top for... about an hour ago... we painted it BLACK... and the accent color for this area will be Chartreuse... This is our new outdoor dining room...
Still need to put in all the electricity, shepherds hooks with lanterns and rug... but otherwise...quite functional!
I painted everything on my front porch black and brought it to the backyard... now my porch is empty... LOL

About 80% done... Bill made that coffee table from legs from an old planter and the top of a kitchen cart... my idea to do it... he did all the hard stuff like labor...
Cool huh?
Bill's idea to leave room under the fireplace seat for flowers... can't wait until they fill the area in!
We've had 3 fires in a row this weekend... last night was Smore's night!

So my patio, not pictured is going to be my outdoor kitchen, it already has a table, stove and fridge in it... Bill's next project will be the wood burning pizza oven, and Brazilian Grill, and some kitchen cabinets in the patio...
This picture is my outdoor dining area...

And this is my outdoor family room...
All we need is an outdoor bathroom... as we'll never have to go inside again!

I love Southern California!!!

Wednesday... I'm having 18 5th graders and 6 Mom's over for an end of year swim party...
I wanted to make sure and get some pics of it before the mayhem...

Fun... Fun... Fun!!!


  1. Oh! I am so happy for you Sandra! It is GORGEOUS! Absolutely stunning. What a great outdoor living space. Out of this world!

  2. Beautiful very very nice.. well planned and I am very happy for you.. Louise

  3. Your outdoor area looks amazing!
    What kind of pizza oven are you doing? I do pizza on the grill, and would love to do a pizza oven by the pool. We are in the process of building a gazebo, and waiting to get the outdoor fireplace done. Fun! Only wish we were in a warmer area where we could enjoy it year round!

  4. Will you notice if I crash the party on Wednesday? So beautiful...

  5. Well - living area outside is outwith my psyche, coming from Scotland........With my luck - went to Arizona at Easter time to find snow in the desert!!!!!!!! Your house/ living space looks so good and wish you happiness.

    Thanks for your blog. It's a joy. Don't know where you get the energy to do all the writing but I do enjoy.

    Love Life.

  6. Kidding! It's stunning, Saundra. You are going to have so much fun!!!

  7. Ditto what 517SeritaG_JamarO said.

  8. Susan!!! LOL!!! I didn't even see that comment!!! I'm taking it down... but toooo funny!

    and Thank you!!!

  9. Saundra, I truly want to come over and find out how to make the bread. And even as much, I want to see your beautiful patio. It looks so inviting. Let me know when I might stop by. Thanks, Judy Prather


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