Friday, May 28, 2010

New (possible) Horizons!!!

I don't know where to begin.  Soooo much has been going on!  Some exciting... and some just exhausting... but fun!

Lots and Lots of sports stuff with the boys these days... double header baseball games, late football practices, end of year reports due, dinner parties with Bill's colleagues, and getting ready for Johnny's end of year party at our house next Wednesday, and my possible job...

Did you catch that last one?  Yeah, I thought you might have... yes... I said JOB!!!

Was I looking for one? Heck no! I didn't plan on going back to work until Johnny was at least graduated from high school.  I've been a SMOBFHM (Start My Own Businesses From Home Mom) for the past 16 years! But... William was choosing his Junior Year Elective classes from a course list last week, and International Cuisine was listed.  A few years ago, his school offered a Culinary Arts class, in an AWESOME kitchen classroom, but didn't offer it the last 2 years.  So when I noticed that class was offered again... I was intrigued.

Then... last week at a Parent Football meeting, a friend of mine mentioned that my name "had been thrown around" about possibly TEACHING the class... just as a suggestion.  Well... I didn't hear the rest of what she was saying because I was jumping up and down like a kid in a jumper.  I was sooooo excited!  Just the thought that someone had mentioned ME to do that...was SUCH an honor!!!  My mind started working overtime...
I found myself turning off the radio in the car on the way to carpool, and having "mock" classroom discussion with my make believe students... I was coming up with 1001 fundraiser ideas, and deciding on the final exam dinner they were to prepare... for their school... UGH... it's been SUCH a week!  I can't keep my mind off of it... AND I HAVEN'T EVEN APPLIED YET!

I  have been out of the loop in the job market for 16 years!  The last time I had a job... THE INTERNET wasn't even a normal thing!  I have never worked where there is a computer at every desk!  Cell phones were the size of shoe boxes the last time I clocked in anywhere!  Can you believe it?

Sooo... I downloaded my application tonight and filled it out... oh...wait...was I supposed to fill it in on the computer? I did it by hand... is that still allowed?  I freaked out when the "list your employers for the last 10 years" part came up... and I just had to write... "Self employed" and name my businesses...

I typed out a cover letter, and let them know what I plan on doing... and how excited I am for the opportunity to apply and be considered.  Do people still do that?

How cool will it be to be able to teach at my son's high school? I think it would be for maybe an hour or so a day... pretty good hours... huh? for me anyway... NOT so cool for them... LOL!  But... my sweet William told me he'd definitely take my class... sweet huh?  Then he said... "Yeah.. for the easy "A"!"  Ahhh.... my sweet son...

Even if I don't get the job... it has whet my whistle to pursue other avenues for monetary home... of course...

I love my job as Mom... but the pay SUCKS!!!


  1. I think that's sweet William would take your class. Hope you get the job--you would be great!

  2. I'm so EXCITED for you, perfect job for you!

  3. I am eager to hear if you got the job! I think you would be great at it! I just read your blog and feel like I learn about cooking from you!

  4. Oh my good heavens! I am so excited for you. I do so hope you will get this opportunity! I think you will be such a fantastic teacher.

  5. Saundra, What a wonderful opportunity! I think you would be perfect for the job. I'm going to keep my fingers crossed that it all works out for you.


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