Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Computer is back and better than new!

Well my friends... if you don't have an anti virus program on your computer... GET ONE NOW!  Holy cow... did my McCaffee save my computer BIG TIME... last night...

Unfortunately, my computer is also the family computer (THAT is going to change REAL soon), and my oldest son clicked on a picture on his FB page that promptly delivered 26 viruses to my computer.  This the FIRST ever time I've EVER been the victim of a virus... that actually alerted me as to what kind, where, and how they got there...
Thank GOD... my MaCaffee program kept them all at bay... held them hostage, and didn't once let any of them through to my actual hard drive or files... Best $70 I've ever spent...

Bill, took my computer to his IT guy at work, who quickly ascertained that my computer had NOT fallen victim... and that my protection did it's job... and he updated all my stuff, added a bunch of new fangled programs, and cleaned my unit all shiny new... FREE!!!  Sooooo love a good IT guy that gets the big bucks from a huge corporation and doesn't charge for piddly stuff like mine...

I lost sleep last night, lamenting on whether my files would be corrupted or not.  I was mostly afraid for all my pictures... but thankfully, I also store them on hard copy, and on an internet based storage place too...Love you Kodak Easyshare!!!

So now I am back in business... whoo hooooo!

Thanks for all the advice!!!

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  1. That's wonderful you are up and running again with no damage done. I back up my pics on a CD and also us the Kodak easy share. I wish I had an IT friend who I could go to with my computer crises. That's great he cleaned it up for free.


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