Monday, May 17, 2010

ABC's About me!

ABC's About Me!

A--available/married: Married!

B--best friend: Mari, Mama, Hubby

C--cake or pie: PIE, FRUIT... not custard or creme... yuck!

D--drink of choice: coffee, tea, water

E--essential item used daily: Infusium 23 leave in hair treatment..

F--favorite color: Deep Purple

G--gummy bears or worms: Don't eat candy... but worms...

H--hometown: Southern California

I--indulgence: a new veggies steamer with three levels... sooo cool!

J--January or February: February

K--kids and their names: Three boys-William, Alex and Johnathon

L--life is incomplete without: Family

M--marriage date: Oct. 1992

N--number of siblings: 1 brother

O--oranges or apples: oranges

P--phobias/fears: outliving my children

Q--quote for today: "Living well is the BEST revenge!"... and "There are two kinds of people in this world... those who ARE Italian... and those who WANT to be Italian."

R--reason to smile: Another beach vacation trip coming up!

S--season: Spring

T--tag 3 people: You, you and YOU!!! (Everyone who reads this, tag yourself~)

U--unknown fact about me: Confrontation doesn't bother me in the least...if something isn't right... I'll let ya know about it... I won't go behind your back... I'll tell ya straight out...

V--vegetable you don't like: Okra, turnips

W--worst habit: interrupting when having a conversation... isn't that terrible???? I am a work in progress...

X--xrays you've had: ankle, teeth, hip

Y--your favorite food: Sushi/Sashimi, Mongolian BBQ, Italian


  1. Where is the Z young lady? Do you realize this is an incomplete assignment?

    What about coconut cream pie? Is that still a YUCK?

  2. How fun that was! If you love fruit pies I should share my apple pie recipe with you. It is to die for. :)

  3. This looks kind of fun to play.

    btw... "U" Unknown fact about you. Sorry Saundra, those are known facts we all know about you. That's why we all love you so much!

    Got your e-mail. No need to apologize, but now I'll be running out to the mail looking for it every day!


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