Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Look what I got!!!

I recently recieved a very nice email... from a great company called... Simply Bags, where they sell and monogram THE MOST LOVELY, USEFUL tote bags you've ever seen!

So when Bob Shirilla, one of the owners, asked me what I wanted embroidered on my bag... I said...
"Italian Mama" of course!!!

And in just a week or so... this great big, wonderful bag showed up at my doorstep!

Of course... they offer TONS of different styles, sizes and colors to choose from... wine bags, college bags, lunch bags, kids bags, diaper bags... bags, bags and more bags galore!!!! One of my absolute faves, and one I am going to buy soon, is the Black and White Damask tote... it's soooo chic and great looking!

I'm going to use this bag for groceries, beach stuff, or maybe even all my crochet stuff...

So head on over to Simply Bags and tell them I sent ya!  Don't worry, I don't get anything if you do... I just like knowing someone is talking about me... LOL
or call 1-888-815-3455

I love my bag Bob!!!
Thank you!


  1. I wonder if I should get one that says JAM?

    Cute bag, now I'm off to check out their site!


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