Sunday, May 2, 2010

What's goin on...

It's been quite a week.  Johnny was gone to an Outdoor Education camp for the week, and my Mama had knee replacement surgery with some complications that kept me on my toes, and talking to God more than normal.

I had the week all planned out... what to do for Mama, keeping busy so I wouldn't miss Johnny too much... meals I was going to invent... and.. well... as the saying goes... "We make plans... God laughs"

Mama is back home now... in pain, but taking her meds and healing well.  She is taking her walks... and I'll be back on duty tomorrow, visiting her and helping her do what she wants me to do...  I love taking care of her... we get along so well... it's easy.  The only thing we fight about is her Pharmacopia of a purse... that's another story for another day.

Yesterday was Bill's Bday.  He got to spend his day working on the outdoor fireplace and it's surroundings.  The reason he didn't get a day off from it?  We have 3 huge parties planned for June... and it all MUST be done by then... and the only way to do that is to work, work, work on it.  We did go out to dinner for his Bday though... my MIL graciously offered to take us all out for the evening...and we enjoyed a lovely meal with a WONDERFUL server.  She bought Bill and William (bday May 10) a bunch of clothes, and gift cards... very generous!

Bill wants a new watch... so we will be shopping for one this week.  I want him to pick it out.

I did my prep for the week tonight... chopped all the onions, baked all the bread, made all the sandwiches, cooked all the meat, grilled all the eggplant and zucchini.  So nice to have it all done.

This is birthday season for us... All five of us have our birthdays in the next three months... and throw in Mom and Dad's days... and it get's really expensive.

William's big 16th is in 8 days.  We had originally planned (and paid for) a huge Hummer Limo to take him and 6 of his friends to the beach for lunch, shopping and then home for dinner and a baseball game... but his school decided to have a Sophomore Beach Day the day I planned the trip... so I cancelled it... and will now spend that money on something that will last a little longer for him...

He also has a HUGE surprise coming up... but this posts on FB... and he is one of my FB friends... and if he reads this... it'll spoil the surprise... but most of you can guess what it is... and you would be RIGHT!!!  He'll be so excited to use it for school! ;)

How the heck did I become the mother of a 16 year old?  huh?

Oy vay... I'd better go check my wrinkles...


  1. Pictures, please of William and his surprise...I think I am very excited, and it isn't even my birthday!!!

    You are a
    Busy Italian Mama this week!!!

  2. Can't wait to see pics of the surprise

  3. Oh, a sixteen year old. Now the fun really begins!

  4. Oh how fun! What great ideas Mama! I can't wait to see the surprise!


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