Friday, August 6, 2010


So I did some catering today.  Mom and I cooked and served over 100 ladies today for our local
Women's Club.  It was a lovely luncheon, and I was honored to feed those lovely ladies... they were all so nice and complimentary.

I also made lunch for all the secretaries that work in Bill office... they feasted on Focaccia sandwiches, salad, and biscotti and cream puffs. Needless to say... I'M POOPED!!!

I have to do it all over again on Sunday, when we cater a friend of a friends funeral. 

School days are fast approaching, and I'm getting more and more nervous about teaching my class.  Excited and nervous... two feelings that keep me on my toes.

William got his schedule today, and he, sadly, doesn't have me as a teacher this semester.  He signed up for my class... that sweet kid.  The Superintendent called me the other day to inquire about whether or not I would be interested in also teaching a middle school cooking class.... I was like... YEAH!!!!  So we'll see... they aren't sure the class will happen yet... but soooo cool that they want me for more... and I haven't even taught one class yet!!!!

I haven't been able to write too much on here for a while... I've been working hard on my book, promising myself to write everyday now that I have a new laptop and don't have to be stuck in my super hot, no air anywhere, tiny office space... and the words have just been pouring out of me...
My poor husband has to hear each page I write, and he's a real trooper about not rolling his eyes at me.

I'm also simutaneously writing a cookbook, that I think I will change direction and write one about teaching High School Culinary Arts, with the recipes we make, and the antics the kids try to pull and some of things done and said...Of course, all names will be changed, and I'd never write about terrible things... but I think I'm in for some funny days ahead of me, and I'd love to remember it in a book.  Hopefully, if and when I ever finish, I can get it sold and others will enjoy it too.  I just love the idea about journaling my days... I forget about the small stuff so much.

The kids are great, winding down the summer with a visit up to their Grandpa's place for a few days... and while they are gone, I'll be going through their old clothes and purging, purging, purging, to make room for all the new clothes I am going to buy them.  I am soooo sick of seeing their clothes over and over... it's time for some new stuff...

That's about it for us... Bill loves his new job, (same industry, just now in the corporate part of it) no more jeans, t shirts and hardhats... now it's slacks, nice shirts and suits from time to time... I love the jeans and t shirts, but the new duds are growing on me...

I'll have a lot more to write as the new job for me gets closer and closer...


  1. How exciting!!! Glad to read about your journey Saundra.

  2. I forgot to say "Congrats" on your new job and all that is gong on. I am happy for you and your family.

  3. You are going to be a teacher! You are going to do so fantastically! I am excited for you.

    The lunch you catered sounds beyond scrumptious! How lucky were they to be eating yummy food by you!


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