Saturday, October 2, 2010

It's been a full month now... and...

It's been a month now.

A month that I've been an actual 'WORKING MOM' after staying home with my men for the past 16 years.

I've done a little crying (mourning over my past life of 16 years, and the freedom I had) and a whole LOT more laughing (I'd forgotten who I WAS, OUTSIDE of being a Mom... and discovered I still HAVE A SENSE OF HUMOR!!!)

The idea for this post came from my friend  Lori's blog post.  She and I are in VERY similar boats... almost identical in fact... and it hit home for me...

I forgot how much I loved working.  It's so true when they say "If you do what you love, you never "work" a day in your life".  I. LOVE. TEACHING.  I ADORE MY STUDENTS...
Graduation is going to be a COMPLETELY different experience... when I am not only crying happy tears for one child, but 50 of them... I'm going to have to bring a TRUCKLOAD of tissue...

I only teach one class a day... but I find  myself hanging out at the school much longer.  I forgot how much fun it is to talk to other adults.  I LOVE that I get to see my kids so much DURING SCHOOL... they frequently come into my classroom to scrounge for leftovers from my class, and to give me a quick peck on my cheek... I love every second of that...

I love that the students call me Mama Shaver.  Mrs. Shaver is my Mother in Law... so Mama Shaver suits me just fine...  I love that they feel comfortable enough to call me that... I really love it.

My health and stamina have increased ten fold.  I'm walking around soooo much more... back and forth from my class to the office, running around my huge classroom, fixing this and washing that... I'm getting stronger, and I'm getting smaller in the process... happily.

I recieved my first evaluation last week and it was AWESOME.  I was nervous.  I LIKED FEELING NERVOUS... I don't usually get nervous about much anymore...Motherhood doesn't allow many chances for second guessing oneself... getting nervous has no place in raising children...
Feeling nervous kept me on my toes.  I loved feeling the butterflies fluttering around my stomach.  It gave me something to strive for.  Something for ME.  It was a weird concept.

For the past 16 years, much of my life with my kids has been spent saying "no" to things they asked for.  Why? Because I am soooo against saying "yes" just so my kids can have what everyone else has.  They got what they needed, and few extra's and no more.  Even when I was making great money in Pampered Chef, I spent much of the money I made on supplies, traveling with the kids, and just odds and ends that needed purchasing... but now... I don't know... I am saying "yes" a little more, and I feel like they are at the right age to have a little splurging done on them.  I feel like now they are old enough to appreciate the gifts and little extra's they are getting... and it feels great.  Don't get me wrong... I am still wholeheartedly against spoiling kids... but a few more "yes's" than "no's" won't hurt anything, now that they know how hard money is to earn and how quickly it dissipates.

I am sooo proud to have been an at home Mama for as long as I was... and even though I only work two hours a day now, I am so happy to be out in the work force again... I truly love my job, and all the students and faculty I get to see on a daily basis...

I love that God has had a plan for me, and the plan is awesome...



  1. That is so Awesome to hear!

  2. :)
    Our posts are pretty identical...and isn't it great that we are both so happy doing what we didn't expect to do?!
    I think the only thing that I find a bit disappointing is my lack of "girlfriend time". When I do have free time, now I want it to be
    ALL with my boys-hubby included-.
    Other than that, I am so content-more than I expected to be...I thought I was going to have part of me "suck it up" even if I didn't like working, but I am in love!
    In Love with my students, love in more with my husband-who is filling the needed gaps so life can run smoothly-and more in love with the moments we have as a family...LOVE!!!
    So happy for you-
    Ruby Red Slippers...Lori

  3. Great post! I'm glad that you are happy back at work teaching. As much as I like being at home with my daughter now while she is growing up, I know it will be great to go back to an out of the home job too. :) I used to follow your blog when I had mine called "The Phrase Working Mother is Redundant", I have a different blog now...I'm glad I still had you on my favorites! I like reading your blog. Come by and see my new blog! :)

  4. No one deserves this more than you! I'm so happy that everything is working out and you are enjoying your new position at the school. Although, I never doubted it for a moment. I knew the job was "made for Saundra"! Keep enjoying all the new experiences that are being thrown your way!


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