Saturday, October 16, 2010

Oak Glen Day Away...

I've made deal with myself.  Since I am putting in WAAAAAAYYY more hours than I am getting paid, partly because I need to clean my school kitchen, and partly because I am the Football Food Mama and need to cook for 60 weekly... that we would go on little excursions on the weekends to break up the "Mom is working, holy cow... now what do we do with ourselves" mentality that seems to have infiltrated my little family.

My kids have NEVER had a Mom that wasn't 100% focused on them, and their needs and wants, and it's been a bit of an adjustment period.  We don't have as much food in the house, their meals are eaten with me at school most of the time, and all the stuff they used to wonder that I did "all day long while home alone" aren't getting done now, and they are feeling the crunch of having to do more than pick up after themselves...
I like that they are kind of longing for the "good old days" and realizing, that I did more than just sit at home, twiddling my thumbs, waiting for the moment I could pick them up from school, and complete my life with their presence.  Sometimes I find myself longing for my "old life" too, when I've been at school too long, and my feet are killing me, and I can't just go put my feet up... don't get me wrong... I have tons of freedom at work... but... I don't have "my house" at work.

Anyway, getting back to our little excursions... we went to Oak Glen last weekend... and here are some shots we took..

 Same smile, same mustache...oy vay... where my wax lady when I need her!!! LOL
I smudged my upper lip to match Williams... that's my story, and I'm sticking to it!!!

It was a very bright day in those mountains... lovely...

I love this shot... he had no idea I zoomed in and caught it, then edited it to b/w.  That's my handsome man!!!


He has such a better, wider smile than I do...

Caught him... aaaahhh... 11... still a boy, almost a teen... good age...

Raspberry picking in Snowline...

All my Men!!!

My sweet Alex... picking raspberries...

This kid just stares into your soul... doesn't he???
Oy... I adore him...


  1. Very nice pictures of you family. It's good they realize how much you did when you were home.

  2. wonderful pictures! In your spare time (LOL) you should take my family photos. I love all of them.

  3. Nice that you are making time to be together on the weekends. The older the kids get, the harder that always seems to be. Looks like a great time...

  4. Great pics! Your family is gorgeous.
    I am gla you are taking time to enjoy a bit when you are not working. You amaze me!!


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