Saturday, January 15, 2011

I'm back!

I feel refreshed... renewed... reopened... and ready to take 2011 on...

Nothing like a good cry, or a little "shake up" to put things into perspective... HUH?

The past three weeks have been a little weird... but it's okay... I've learned soooooo much from all of it.  I just know God had to speak a little louder than a whisper to me, to get my full attention.

I'm not going to go into full detail... but I am going to say that never have I believed more... the statement that...
"God wouldn't put you in it, if he didn't plan to pull you through it" or something like that...

I kinda felt like things were going along just a little to smoothly for a while there... and He felt like I needed to be pulled up by the shorts a little... LOL...

The beautiful thing about going through some turmoil... is you really see who you have on your side... who is REALLY there for you, in a big way.  I've always known my husband has been a big support in my life... but boy did he really show me the past three weeks... and I wasn't even looking for it... but he just really came to my rescue... didn't point fingers... didn't say stuff like... "Well... you know... blah blah blah..." He just held me close, told me to listen to his heart beat, that it beats for me, and that he's truly on my side. NO matter what."
I just don't give him enough credit.  He really knows what to say... at the right time... in the right way. 

And my Father in Law... if my Hubby is my biggest cheerleader... then my Father in Law is a very close second... even on the phone... I can feel how much he loves me... and respects me... and I have to tell you... the feeling is definitely mutual.

When the enemy comes knocking at your door... it's disconcerting if you aren't ready for it.  My kids really rallyed around me too... they were saying things that just really boggled my mind... they were so insightful, and grown up in their views... it was thrilling to hear them say things that most 45 years old don't grasp.

Maybe God let this mishap happen in my life... just so I can see how loved I am.  Maybe I've been taking advantage or for granted the love I have in my life.  Maybe I just needed to refocus on Him... and stop focusing so much on me, me, me.  Whatever it was... it worked... I'm a more focused woman now. Focused on my relationship with the Lord... more focused on my relationship with my husband.. and focused on the fact that all I really need... in my life... are the awesome people living in my home... and whoever else knows who I really am... I will no longer focus on people that only see what they want to see...and believe what they deem is truth in their own minds...

My blog is open again.  I won't allow anyone to censor me anymore...

Peace. Love... and tiny flowers...


  1. I'm so glad you're back!! Your husband and sons sound like amazing guys!!

  2. I am soooooo glad you are back!!! I can say when I was down your way this past weekend I thought about you! I know I don't know you from a stranger in the store but your love and zest for life is infectious! as well as your love for your husband and children have made me look at mine a wee bit different and pay more attention to them (not that i was an evil sow or anything!)

    *squee* you're back!!

  3. You are a very lucky woman... You have all that you need right there living with you. Sorry to hear that someone out there was giving you a hard time. Forget about 'em... they are so not worth it!

  4. Leslie,
    It was a hard time... that person is just really, really, really unhappy and bitter... I realize that now. IT wasn't about me so much as it was about her life and situation... I was just the next "one" in her tyrade. There have been many... it was my turn I suppose.

    I have forgotten about that person now... you are so right... it is soooo not worth it.

    The great thing is, I've learned a whole lot in the process, and I've come to a deeper understanding and love... I found the blessing in the trouble... and it's a really good thing...
    Love to you. And if you are praying woman, please pray for that person... God will know who you are talking about... she needs it...


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