Saturday, January 29, 2011

What's Cookin around here...

I know... I know... another food post... but really... with work and what I now do for a living... teach cooking... THIS IS MY LIFE!... LOL

 Above, is the filling for some homemade ravioli I made today... Chevre cheese, mozzarella, romano, and spinach with salt and pepper...

 My awesome Pasta and Ravioli maker...

 My newest acquistion... a rolling pin that rolls over pasta and filling to make ravioli!!!
Isn't it lovely???

 Obsession of the week... Naan... I can't stop making it... my family can't stop eating it...

My lunch was roasted eggplant and roasted peppers...

This is what my family ate... homemade ravioli...

I can't WAIT to share my Naan making with my class next week.

Tomorrow, Mama and I are catering a Race Across America dinner at my school.. to raise funds to support a special education department at our private high school.
Such a worthy cause.
I'm so proud to be a part of it.

I made 14 batches of dough to bake up tomorrow... Tomato Rosemary, Olive Tapenade and Rosemary.

My Sons are going to help serve.

The cool thing is... I get to cook it all in my classroom kitchen!!!
I've begun my second semester last week.  I now teach three classes a day. I get paid to laugh and cook... what a job!!!
It's a lot of hard work, and I really, really, really need Teacher's Assistants... but I can handle it.
The kids are all really wonderful, especially my high schoolers, and their enthusiasm makes it all go so quickly.
I hear there is a waiting list to get into my class... that's really flattering... but I truly believe that it's the food they want... where there's food, there's people... ya know?
OH!!!! I almost forgot.. Alex's school baseball coach told me, my older son William and Alex, that Alex really needs to get a pitching coach... because HE ALREADY HAS COLLEGES LOOKING AT HIM!!!He's in 8th grade, and he's 5'10, and can pitch so accurately it's mind boggling... and a pitching coach would really help hone his craft...
I heard the word 'COLLEGE' and my ears perked up...
then I heard the words "Scholarship" and my ears burned!!!
So when I was stunned to silence and didn't know what to say to that, the next day, he cornered my older son and told him to tell me... and then he told Alex to tell me... LOL
Apparently Alex is a prodigy... and we didn't know it!!!
Of course, I need to get on my knee's, do some praying... and thanking... just kinda ask for guidance...
But it is sooo cool to even THINK of it!!!


  1. Why are there tears in my eyes for a wonderful kid that I've never met??!!! I'm so very proud of Alex. Way to go!!!! Obviously, he's a well loved, well raised, not to mention well fed boy. Congrats and go get 'em!!!!

  2. The food looks so good. My mouth is watering. I am so happy you are doing well. Not just well, you are thriving. Beautiful! : )


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