Sunday, October 11, 2009

Changes... me no likey...

Life has changed so very much in the last couple of years... but never more so than in the last couple of months.
Change is not something I deal with well... ever.
Just a short 10 years ago, I was starting my very own Pampered Chef business... excited about the possibilities... being my own boss... making my own money, while still being home with my three precious wee ones.
Back then, we could pick up and go anytime we pleased...
Any time Bill had to travel for business, we all just packed up and tagged along.
It was wonderful.
Those days are gone.
Now everything is put on hold for football, soccer, baseball season...
I'm not complaining... I actually do love it... and I don't even mind all the chauffering I do...
it's just all coming to an end so quickly.
Too quickly.
William starts his drivers Ed soon. Soon he'll be autonomous. Soon he'll be making even more decisions for himself. Soon... he won't need me as much as he does now.
Soon, very soon, he'll be in traffic, swerving out of harm's way, rushing in and out of places,
applying to colleges, taking SAT's, dating (ugh!), and becoming even more of a man than he already is.
It's so heartbreaking... and so exciting at the same time.
How did my parent's do it?
How did they let go?
How did they just let me drive all over the place... in such a small car?
How did they let me out of their sight for more than a few minutes?
How am I going to do the same thing with my sons?
I am having such a hard time with all of this change.
Bill went up to his Dad's house today, to take a look at, and assess the 1965 Ford Galaxy we are going to restore for William for his 16th Birthday. Bill traded a 1991 Ford convertible for it about 8 years ago... and I can't believe it's already time to get it restored and cherried out him to DRIVE!
We don't ever want our kids driving small, economy cars. Only trucks and older FULL METAL beasts for my precious boys. I don't care how much gas it guzzles... as long as they win in a car crash... I'm happy.
This thing is a full 17 feet 4 inches long.
It is all chrome bumpers and fenders.
We are going to change out the steering column for one with an airbag, and add a shoulder harness for the seat belt.
The trunk is big enough to smuggle 6-8 full adults into the drive in movies... or the equivalent of 4 groceries store trips...
Bill is so excited.
I am too... sorta.
I would much rather my boys drove tanks to school, at least until I am dead... so they could never be hurt.
I am the most selfish Mama on earth.
We bring the beast home next week, and the work on it starts soon.
I love old cars.
They are made of all metal...
I feel they are safer than anything made these days.
I don't understand parents buying teeny tiny cars for their kids.
It's like buying them a tin can.
Just my opinion.
Gas is a small price to pay for safety.
People pay 10 times more for water bottles than anyone does for gas... gallon for gallon.
Cars mean freedom.


  1. It does seem like you blink and they're older, taller, growing up faster than you can believe.

    I'm SO agreeing with you about having them drive the old cars - I want my kids in real Pittsburg steel when they start out - they'd fare far better against the fiberglass in most of today's cars!

  2. Awwww-The Ford Galaxy!!! My high school boyfriend had one the whole four years of dating him-When I see one I smile-those are great cars, very safe...
    I love how you are restoring it for him (I mean, your hubby!)
    Change-I don't deal with it well either...Can I keep my boys little? I really do love this time...even if one barfed in my car on Saturday..wouldn't change most of the moments...
    I posted a recipe for meatballs on my blog today that I found from Chef Rocco...Can you tell me your thoughts on it? I make this recipe, because I love it, but I would like someone like you to give me any more tips to make it even better-if I can. (This is pretty much the only thing I cook, so I want to make it the best I possibly can-)

  3. Oh, kids grow up so fast! My oldest is 8 and I am dreading teaching them to drive...sorta lol. I feel like he was just a little baby just the other day. We like big heavy strong vehicles too!

  4. Oh, sista, I'm right there with ya! My "baby" turns 16 in about 3 weeks, and I can't handle it.

    I also started selling Pampered Chef about 14 years ago. How funny. Are you sure we weren't separated at birth? ;-)

  5. My 14 year old would be so thrilled if she got a really old car when she turns 16. It is retro you know. :)

  6. I taught my daughter to drive. My son was only three years old at the time. He'd be in the backseat in his car seat. I WAS SCARED! And then I remember thinking about all of her friends that were on the road learning to drive at the same time. Then I WAS TERRIFIED! Two more years then I have to start doing it all over again... UGH!

  7. That is no joke! I was in an accident in college, I was in a 87 Honda Civic and my friend....a 69 Ford Mustang! My car damaged to hell, her car...a scratch! Why? Because her car was made out of steel and mine...tin foil!

  8. That last statement about gas vs. water was truly interesting! Learn something new everyday on here! My boys will probably drive old tanks when they turn 16 too but merely b/c Hubs has passed his love of old cars onto the boys! Although by the time they are 16, old cars will be from the 90s!! LOLOL!


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