Monday, October 26, 2009

About Last week...

Oy, I am such a bad blogger these days!
I think I might have too many irons in the fire... so something had to give... and unfortunately, my computer time is one of them...
I have been having sooo much fun cooking and developing recipes, taking business courses,
and offering samples to businesses and friends... that it's kinda been like a full time job lately.
Then with Soccer, Football, and Market Night, and all my meal prep... it's just about
a 24 hour a day job...
But I am enjoying myself...
A lot.
Last week was eventful.
My Mama and I catered our local Chamber of Commerce lunch at City Hall, and we sold out of our cookies at Market Night the night before. SOLD OUT! It was sooo exciting!
On Wednesday, one of my fabulous neighbors called to ask for 5 more bags of cookies for her work... AND she wants to start taking orders from her work for all our goodies!
SHE will be eating well from now on... she will get free meals for doing all of that for us to get our name out there...
She works at a huge warehouse.
I also made the difficult decision to resign as Snack Bar Czar for next years baseball league.
It was a long and arduous decision, with me going back and forth on the decision, but ultimately, my family and my business needed to take precedence...
The shopping and stocking that it took, coupled with only 5 people from a board of 12 doing most of the work in the Snack Bar, and my being there waaaaay too much of the time, just isn't conducive to building and sustaining a business...
My kids were thrilled about my decision... I wasn't... I don't quit anything... BUT... I couldn't put my dream on the backburner for 3 months of baseball...
We saw Barry Manilow on Saturday night.
He's like... 105, and can still belt out those tunes...
I swear, he held one note for a good 30 seconds...
It was at the Hollywood Bowl, and Dave Koz made a special appearance...
The Hollywood Bowl Orchestra was absolutely stellar, and we had awesome seats.
An A Capella group called "Straight, No Chaser" opened for him, and they blew us away.
Bill bought us Salmon and Spicy Tuna Roll for dinner at the Cafe on site,
and we thoroughly enjoyed the evening.
It was such a great way to listen to music. The acoustics at the Bowl are phenomenal.
Like a good girl, I didn't bring my camera, because the rules said we couldn't bring one... but EVERYONE was taking pictures... and it really pissed me off that I am such a rule follower.
I did get some shots with my phone camera... but they suck...
We drove around downtown L.A. and Bill showed me all the buildings he helped build, and how proud he was about the Disney Concert Hall, that is made out of Sheet Metal, and how his Union built it. It really is a work of art.
We are taking the boys to see Mary Poppins there this Christmas.
One of our neighbors died last week.
He was an older gentleman...with Lung Cancer.
It was sad and strange to see his body being carried out in a body bag from his home and placed into the van.
He wasn't a nice man at all... he hated children, and yelled and threatened to call the police on them if they kicked balls into his yard... but in hindsight, now that I am older and a little wiser, having something like him on a street is a good thing.
He was the kind of man that would walk out front of his house with a rifle and confront
any riff raff that crossed his path... kinda like Clint Eastwood, and if they pissed him off, he would probably shoot. Unfortunately, he was a little too much like that (sans gun) with young children...but it was his property, and he was just probably afraid of lawsuits if any of the kids got hurt on his I get older, I am beginning to see his side of things.
It was still sad to see that he passed.
He left behind a wife and child and grandchild.
Bill and I feel compelled to take care of widows.
Bill is the handyman of our next door neighbor who lost her husband 5 years ago, they ask him to do everything and anything, and we are happy to oblige... they are great neighbors, nice people, and they mind their own business.
The bibles tells us to take care of widows and children...
So... if the newly widowed woman will allow... we will offer to do all the things her husband used to do around the yard... our other neighbor alreadys cuts their lawns for them, and Bill will offer to do general maintenance around their home until she moves or passes...
Life is so fleeting.
Soo... that's been the week.
I'm going to go and make some Focaccia now, so I can make the boys school lunches for the week.
Have a great day!


  1. that is a lot of irons in the fire. and Barry is only 105? I thought he was much older...

  2. I LOVE "Straight, No Chaser!" (They have ChiTown connection.) Glad to see you're able to let something go, even if it wasn't so easy. Mama's got to stay sane and healthy, or she'll have to let EVERYTHING go!

  3. I was so sad to hear about your resignation from LL. Having you around really made it easier/funner/more worthwhile for me. But, I understand your personal ambitions. I say, go for it, Saundra! And I must get me some of those cookies! How can I help you market yourself? Let me know! :)

  4. Yeah, you're a baaaaad blogger...I miss you :) And that's right, go and make me feel worse by adding you're making focaccia....sheesh....


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