Sunday, November 8, 2009

Do you know someone like this?

Do you know this person?
I believe everyone knows at least one person like the one I am going to describe.
You know him/her. We all do.
Whenever you see him/her he/she has a snarl on his/her face.
Whenever anyone asks him/her a question, he/she instantly looks for the "angle" and gives a snotty retort.
He/She keeps his/her eyes peeled for anything someone else is doing wrong, and will hurriedly and
repeatedly quote a rule from a book, so he/she looks good and angelic. After all, he/she can't be caught doing something wrong, he/she won't be able to get what he/she wants! And... what he/she wants is more important than anything else in the world... as long as it benefits him/her.
You know him/her.
We all do.
You can ask him/her a question, or catch them in a lie or you heard something they said, and they immediately start honing in some other fact, and never really 'hearing' you when you repeatedly tell him/her you could care less about how, and care about a personal issue.
It is so disheartening when he/she doesn't hear the humanity of your plea, and only hears how she might get into trouble if he/she talks to you.
People like that are so short sighted. They only see what they want, and could care less about helping someone else out.
People like that never apologize or give in, unless it benefits them.
People like that are blinded by winning, and never get caught up in denial and or acceptance, they only see "what in it for me and my family, screw everyone else"
People like that are over competitive.
People like that are living vicarously through their children, because they did nothing with their own lives of any merit and need to look good in the eyes of others.
People like that are constantly being bombarded with people trying to bring them down.
People like that are always belly aching about how they are always being dealt with injustice.
People like that make long drawn out speeches about how life isn't fair.
People like that have numerous people quit things because of them.
People like that hide behind the power of someone else.
People like that will turn a blind eye to someones horrible, mixed up ways, as long as it benefits him/her. The second the usefulness of that person is done, you are toast, and discarded.
It is so nice not being one of those types of people.
I feel really, really sad for people like that.
It must be really hard to be a person like that.
I don't choose people like that as my friends.
Or even as my aquaintences.
Do you know anyone like that?
I did.
I'm done.
I feel a weight has been lifted from my back and my heart.
He/she may have won the battle, but in life... we will win the war...
The proof is in what you put out into the world.
If you put honesty and truth and honor into the world, you get it back.
Winning at all costs is no way to live.
But... I'm already a winner.
I'm not that person I just described, and that makes me exceedingly happy.


  1. Have I ever commented here? I am not sure. I have lurked a lot lately. :) I am so glad I found you one day. I think I found you through Mama Kat.

    Anyhoo...I am glad you have ridded yourself of that person. It feels good to get a weight lifted off your shoulders. On that note, I have a question. What do you think you should do if the person you have just described is YOUR SISTER!?!?

    I hope you had a great weekend, especially considering the week you had. ( I just caught up on your other posts.)



  2. I have lots of ex "friends" like that...


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