Monday, November 9, 2009

My plans for the Holidays.

Time for something positive!
Too much heavy stuff lately!
I get to start shopping for the Holidays soon.
I just need to rustle up a little more moola so I can get my hubby what he wants.
That's the only reason I'm a work at home Mama, so I can buy my kids and hubby nice things
from 'ME', with money I earned.
I love, love, love that my kids don't give me huge, laundry lists of items they want/need/require.
They are very aware of the private schools they attend, the places they get to travel to, and the fact that both their Daddy and I feel I need to still be home with them, therefore, the money tree isn't as abundantly fruitful for "things" in our house as it is in other households.
My favorite part of the Holidays, is the prank Bill and I play on the boys.
It is truly a laugh fest the entire time we plan it out.
We always go out to dinner, just the two of us. I bring paper, pen, and lists.
Bill draws out schematics.
This year, since we will actually be spending Christmas at home, actually on Christmas Day...
I get to be even more elaborate, and sneaky, and rotten.
All for my giggly pleasure, of course.
My poor boys.
They know we do this every year... and they fall for it every year too... {{or they may just be really sweet, and let me think they are falling for it}}
We do change it up every year though.
Last years prank, complete with pictures, was featured on Scrapblogs Friday Five a few months ago... it was sooo much fun!
Last year, we did this and it was a riot! A vertiable riot... for me anyway! LOL!
This year, I'm thinking of doing something along the lines of Chanukah, but of course, with a twist.
For instance, if Johnny wants a new DS, I may, on December 12, have him unwrap a pair of something that starts with "D", and then "S" the next day, then the next day, he may unwrap something that plugs in, or charges.
If William wants an Itunes Card good for $100 worth of songs, he may get 100 pennies on Day 1, and then a really awful CD the next, and I may have him listen to some music on the third, and so on, until the crescendo of their actual gifts day is upon us.
A lot of work?
A lot of head scratching?
You bet!
Making my kids squirm and think, and guess and feel the anticipation of what is to come?
Hell yeah!
These days... nothing is a surprise.
We know what a babies sex is before we are even pregnant!
Every kid makes the team, no one gets to make mistakes and realize life isn't always gonna go their way...
People are videotaping everything and posting it on You Tube, leaving nothing to the imagination...
By Gosh... I'm gonna have a little fun with my kids, and play pranks on them!
Truth be told... I hope they follow suit and start pranking me too!
Another idea I had, is to get my neighbors involved in my kids gifts.
We have a great bunch of people on our street, and most of them have kids or grandkids living with them. Sooo... I was thinking, I make a bunch of edible goodies, wrap them up, and have the boys go door to door to deliver them. What the boys won't know... is that the neighbor will, in turn, be giving the boys a wrapped gift to take home for "us". What they won't know... is that those gifts are really the gifts we got them.
Of course, I haven't worked out all the kinks... or even asked my neighbors who will be home or not, or even if they are willing to participate, but if they are willing to do so, it could be really, really fun! Not to mention, a great way to brush up on door to door skills, and pleasantries 101.
My mother hates that I do this stuff.
She thinks the Holidays should be just like everyone elses, wake up, scream, unwrap, and eat.
What she doesn't realize is that my boys LOVE to do things this way.
The kids have to have the right temperament for it.
They can't be spoiled, gimme gimme type kids.
I just don't know how I'm going to sway the fact that there won't be any gifts waiting for them when they wake up early in the morning.
I have to think that one through... any suggestions?


  1. I love that you do creative and FUN!!
    I have been off the blog scene for far too long, and now I need to catch up with what you've been up to. I miss you!!

  2. I love the ideas! It must be so much fun at your house during the holidays!

  3. Hi your blog! You have such a beautiful family. We have three daughters and one boy...WILLIAM also. Boy is he different from the gals!!! Keeps us hopping! But he's a joy. You've got your hands full of joy too.

  4. Oh my goodness! The holidays sound so fun at your house! My DS is still a baby, but I hope I can come up with fun traditions like yours when he is a bit older.


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