Thursday, November 19, 2009

My newest Scrapbook pages!!! Digitally, of course...

Okay, I know there are a lot of pictures... but I am so proud of them... I just had to share them..
This book is my Father In Law's gift for Christmas...
I need to go do my Mom's now... she was in the pictures too... just not this album...
And... as always... all the writing and pictures are copyrighted to me, and me alone...


  1. Love these! You did such a fantastic job. I think the first one is my favorite

  2. Oh Saundra I love them u did such a great job! The boys are so handsome! Every single one of them! Love you!

  3. This is just GORGEOUS! What a wonderful gift, and a fabulous job!

  4. Danielle!!!

    Thank you!!!!

    Saranne and Kiss... thank you so much... I love the first one too...

  5. How did you get FIVE men to cooperate for all those photos??

  6. ...and I lost my first comment. I want your father-in-law (since you won't give me William)

    That is one handsome man!!! And you can tell him I said so...

  7. That is going to be a well loved gift! Good job!

    I was just reading the comment you left on my blog about our kids getting married and my oldest wanted to know what was so funny. I told her about our running joke and she said, "MOM."

    So I showed her your boys...."oh, they are really cute." LOL! I think she might be on board.

  8. I love the scrapbook! You've done a wonderful job!


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