Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Writers Workshop 11-11-09

The Prompt from the Masterful MamaKat is...
Tell of a time you were glad you were you, and not someone else in the room.
THIS is so timely for this week!
This is sort of like the post I did the other day about "Do you know someone like this?"
but today I'm going to give specific incidences that made me so ultimately happy NOT to be anywhere near this person, or much less, BE this person.
She always has a look on her face like she just smelled something awful.
When she attends meetings of any kind, she feels the need to state her opinion, put down another member, or speak ill of other people's children.
She is uber competitive... no matter what... hair, sports, being first in line, getting her way.
If, God forbid, IF her children don't make an All-star team of any kind... she belly aches and stomps her feet and requests meetings with board members to rectify the situation.
When confronted, she pulls the doe-eyed, "Huh? Not me?" look that is particularly out of place on her pinched face.
She is ALWAYS looking for an angle to "Beat the system".
She is the first to criticize some else's job, but is totally blind to the fact that she never shows up for hers.
She would throw her own Mother under a bus, just so she doesn't get caught "Not following the rules".
Do I know someone like this?
And you know what?
Every single time I leave her presence, I feel great about who I am.
I feel so relieved I don't have to live in her skin.
Am I perfect?
Heck no.
I know I can be crass at times, and I interrupt people,
and I am always trying to fix that about me.
I don't pretend that my life is some perfect Wally and June Cleaver rerun.
I care about people outside my family, and try to have an attitude of servitude.
This lady is just the opposite of everything I stand for.
Many, many, many people in our community have written letters and have stated that they won't be a part of something because of this person...
I never understood it until this past two years.
I totally get it now.
And all I feel is sorry for her now.
Life is gonna be very, very lonely for her one day, if she doesn't change the way she is.
One's whole life can't be wrapped up in winning everything.
Learning how to lose is just as important... and I fear that her losing days are ahead of her...
and unfortunately, it won't be about sports...
She needs lots of prayers...
I will pray from afar, and have no further contact with her if I can possibly do it.
Sometimes ya just gotta clean out the garbage... ya know?


  1. Wow, not a nice is fine for someone to have their own opinions but it can be done in a nice way.... Visiting again from Mama Kats!!

  2. OMG! Do we know each other? Kidding! Great post!

  3. ah it does make you sad when you get to know such people. Coz in the long run you know that it is difficult to get along and that they will one day end up lonely and probably uncomrehending still!

  4. Visiting from Mama Kats...

    I think we all know people like this (unfortunately). I know there is one in my son's class this year -- and I had the misfortune of her glomming on to us during the school field trip. It was misery. I couldn't shake her no matter what I tried.

  5. I have know someone like that too...but adversity changed them into a more humble loving person... I still watch my back-but prayer and time can change even people like her...

  6. Visiting from Mama Kat's.

    Yes, I know some people like this and it drives me bonkers. Prayers are good and hopefully she'll see that she needs to change.

  7. Why can't everyone just be nice like me and you? The world really would be a better place. ;)

  8. Sprinkle her with eucalyptus oil ...

  9. Glad I do not know anyone like this and most definitely would not want to be her! I chose the same option:

  10. Hey, I think I know her!

    Saundra, thanks so much for stopping by yesterday with birthday wishes!


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