Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Writer's Workshop 11-18-09

Writer's Workshop
The prompt... Share a diary entry from when I was 13.
I had to dig out my journals... but I found one...
At 13, I mean really, what could happen that was notable?
Apparently absolutely nothing!
Here goes...
And by the way... I wouldn't trade my no cell phone, non attitude, boring, no Coach handbag wearing teen years for anything in the world.
Most 13 year olds these days are sooo over indulged, they are numb to life and the splendor of just being a young girl, and doing simple things...
January 13, 1981
Dear Diary,
Had dress rehearsal today for our big show. I am so glad I have a solo in one of my dances. I got to have private lessons with Chris, my dance teacher, and he touched my waist about 4 times to catch me. I don't think I blushed.
Before rehearsal, I had school, and homework. Actually, I did my homework at the auditorium, and Mama bought dinner for us.
Mama is busy sewing all the sequins on my costume again. They keep falling off when I shimmy.
My Papa says he doesn't like all the crawling around on the stage. He says it's nasty.
I like it.
I get to wear a ton of makeup, and act like someone else for 4 minutes.
I do get embarrassed when I have to shimmy or shake my butt when my Dad is in the audience.
I just know he's going to say something when we get home.
I hope some of my family and friends can make it to the show. I like when they can see what I do after school everyday. Then they don't bother me about not being able to go out with them, and they don't think I am being snobby.
I really don't want to go out with them anyway. I'd rather go to dance class. It's way more fun.
Well, I have to go clean my braces now.
Until next time,


  1. How cute were you : ) Shimmy : ) and wear a ton of makeup! That definitely sounds like a good day to me! Did you steal the show?

  2. Nasty girl! You shimmy, Mama. Who cares what Papa says:)!

  3. What a great entry! All you need are some pics of you all dressed up! :)

  4. Love the shimmy/nasty comment from Papa. And then - "I like it"...aahhh....teen rebellion! LOL! And then your ending -- gotta go clean my braces.

    Thank you for the chuckle this morning! LOL!

    ~ Jennifer

  5. A nice post about a simpler time - you sounded like a well-adjusted kid, none of the typical adolescent angst.

    Where's the pic of the shimmy-prone costume?

  6. I love it! Only pictures would make it better!


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