Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Bachelor {Do you want cheeese with your whine?

Boy oh Boy...
Does ABC have it's work cut out for them this season.
They MUST be working overtime, searching through the archives... trying to find JUUUUUST the right song to play when Jake takes his lovely blonde date in.... wait for it... wait for it...
What song did they search high and low for?
Why.... "ON THE WINGS OF LOVE" of course!!!
But... I have to say... she is my fave so far... I don't remember her name... but she seems the most genuine.
On to the trainwreck that is Michelle from Anaheim.
Holy smokes... she was gonna LEAVE THE SHOW... because... she was gonna SHOW HIM!
He didn't ask her on a date... so she was fed up...
I have two words for her...
Run! Jake! Run!
No... the dummy KEEPS HER!
Now all the looney women in the world are gonna think they can act like that
and get away with it...
Thanks Jake! jerk!
The most seedy part... the one that had Chris Harrison all choked up and almost... unable to talk... I said almost... dang it, was model Jozlyn that SLEPT WITH A STAFFER DURING THE TAPING OF THE FREAKING SHOW!
Ever heard of not shatting where you eat?
She did the typical "I'm pretty and I can't get caught, cuz I'm pretty" stare at him...
She was had, and she had no words...
No remorse either...
She's not used to not getting her way.
I HATE people that don't apologize for things they've done.
She and that dude country singer from last season... Wes ... ought to hook up...
They are made for each other.
Another...buh bye!
Poor Jakey Wakey.
Now he only has 10 bimbos to choose from...
What a sad life he has...


  1. I should start watching! I don't know what I'm missing!

    Good to read you again! I've been a bit behind on my blogging!

    ~ Jennifer

  2. Hahahaha! That whole conversation that Chris had with Rozlyn with just AWKWARD!

    And then when Chris tells Jake the news that she's leaving, I love it when he says the line, "Can I have the rose back?" Hahahaha!

    Why? All those girls seem a little crazy. The sooner he starts kicking them off the BETTER he is going to be!

  3. I love your take on it all-You are ALWAYS correct!!! I am still laughing-too funny!

  4. I think they're paying him extra to keep Michelle on the show. They have to be. The girl's nuts.

  5. I agree with Jeanette. I think ABC must tell them they have to keep certain ones just to add more drama to the show. Can't rally think of any other possible reason why he would keep Michelle. I agree with you too about that song when on the plane ride--corny! Although, we think Ali (the plane date 1 on 1 girl) is definitely the best for him so far. She seems the most sensible and normal so far--if that's what he's looking for. Who knows since he had chose Rozlyn--liked that too when he asked for the rose back that he had given her. What a floozy!

  6. Ugh yah, they must be paying Jake the BIG BUCKS to keep Michelle on. I thought Ella was kind of over the top too, at least in the first episode. As for Rozlyn, I was never a fan, but if what Mama Kat got from Reality Steve's site is true (it was more about her son than anything else, she never even kissed the crewman), then I feel a little sorry for her.


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