Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Trainwreck TV... Jake the Pilot takes flight!!!

Oh man... ABC really let the crazies loose this time...
I just love Trainwreck TV season...
The skanks come out of the woodwork... they shine their claws... they buy colorful, boob showing dresses... they cry after meeting "the man of their dreams" just five minutes before...
Sniff... Sniff... can't you just smell the desperation in the air?
The premiere with Jake the Pilot.. is named... {{excuse me while I go get my barf bag}}
"On the wings of Love"... blech!!!
Really? Ya saw a plane and just came up with that name all by yourself ABC???
there's some real talent there...
My favorite part of the opening...was the obvious homage to Top Gun... with the motorcyle {rice rocket... not even a Harley} and the sunset, and the cheesy leather jacket...
How do you spell predictable?
On the nice side.. there are some really great girls... like the one that wanted to throw a football... holy cow she is stunning...
and I love how the divorced one cried because she kissed him... it was fake... but I like how
sincere she seemed...
I don't know their names yet... I was too busy fast forwarding through the introductions and getting on to the cat fights in the waiting room.
How about that crazy chick... the one he called last?
I was like...
ABC HAD to have told him to pick her for sheer drama and "good" TV... that one was bizarre!
"I want kids... I'm here to fall in love with you... sniff... sniff..."
Where's that barf bag when I need it...
Don't even get me started on the Cambodian chick... "land your plane on my landing strip?"
Uh... I think "Rock of Love" is calling... puhleeeeze!
And his 'Old friends" came by.
Why... I ask you... why... do we have to see Jillian again?
Are they really his friends? No.
Did he really need their help? No.
Just another hopeless ploy by ABC to shove a "successful" couple in our faces...
yeah, we couldn't go another day without a squeal from Jillian, and another uncomfortable gaffe from Ed... "She's off the pill now... so ya never know..." referring to a prospective dog...
Nice one ED...
The fun's just getting started!!!
10 more weeks of Trainwreck TV!!!
Life is good... people...!!!


  1. I couldn't get over the girl that said a couple of times, I want to WIN! (The one who brought the jelly beans) She wasn't even bothering to say she wanted to fall in love. She JUST wants to WIN! Obviously it didn't bother Jake, he picked her to stay. I'm convinced, they are all CRAZY!

  2. I watched this for my first time too! I was hooked. I think Jake is dreamy and Tenely did seem really sincere to me. I think the show will be hard for her though and will force alot of her divorce cheating issues to the surface with all these girls going for the same guy. Michelle is crazy! I would hate to be her, this week and everyone seeing how desperate she seemed- I am sure ABC played it up a bunch. I like Ali too.

  3. I like that one that brought the football too. They actually had some real fun playing around with that instead of just getting drunk and sitting in a hot tub or pool 1/4 dressed and making fools of themselves. It looks like the pilot has a bit of a temper--should be interesting. I think ABC must make them keep certain ones too. I'm so glad that Cambodian chick, Channey, is gone!

    I agree having Jillian and Ed back was just stupid. We tape the show so we zipped through that segment--they were no help and certainly weren't his friends!


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