Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Writers Workshop 1-14-2010

Writers Workshop 1-14-2010!
The prompt...
Welcome to the first Rose Ceremony on Writer's Workshop!
Award 10 people or items a rose, that you want to keep a relationship with
(or something to that effect)
Seems easy enough!
My first Rose goes to Bill, my husband. I like him. He can stick around for a while. He lets me rant and rave, and has finally stopped rolling his eyes at me when I do, after 17 years.
He fixes stuff, builds stuff, and loves that I'm a stay at home Mama.
He's very affectionate, and I'm not, so he gets a Rose, and I'll give him a big wet kiss...
My 2nd Rose goes to William, my oldest son.
That poor kid looks just like me... he needs a Rose for that.
I really need him to stop losing phones, or I'll have to start having him sleep outside with the dogs... those dang phones are expensive, and it's my lifeline to my kids!
Oh... please marry and orphan, and live on the same street as me when you marry...
thank you.
My 3rd Rose goes to Alex.
He needs a rose too.
He's been having a hard time with his classes at school... it's a prep school, and he's not my studious one. He's my socializer and girl magnet.
I need him to read more... and he and I have some doozies of conversations about that.
Oh... please marry an orphan and live on the same street as me when you marry...
Thank you.
My 4th Rose goes to Johnny, my little angel.
He needs a rose because he is so sweet... most of the time.
I think he's hitting puberty a full two years earlier than his brothers.
He's a pistol
He's my super duper smart one. Scary smart.
He wants to be a Doctor.
He will be.
Oh... please marry an orphan and live on the same street at me when you marry...
Thank you.
My 5th Rose goes to My Mama.
She knows why.
She puts up with a lot having me as a daughter.
"nuff said.
My 6th Rose goes to Mari, my closest friend.
We've been friends since Kindergarten.
She gets me.
She knows me.
I'm not easy to live with.
She so deserves a rose.
My 7th Rose goes to my favorite cousin in the whole wide world... Lorenzo.
He is the living end.
He's funny, smart and bold.
A lot like my hubby!
My 8th Rose goes to... hmmm.... well... no one.
I think I'll leave the other three open to whomever deems themselves in need of a Rose.
I like to leave a little part of my life open to new possibilities and blessings...
so yeah...
maybe some new Rose recipients will come by this year...


  1. I enjoyed your "rose ceremony" and think it's good you left some open for the future recipients. I wouldn't get your hopes up though about your sons living on the same street as you and marrying orphans. Chances are that's not going to happen! You can wish though!

    Visiting from Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop.

  2. That was a great post. I loved what you said about your rose for William - I have a son too and I wish the same thing about marrying an orphan! I know how difficult my relationship is with my mother-in-law, and I'm certainly not looking forward to being a mother-in-law myself!!

    Stopping by from Mama Kat's Writers Workshop!

  3. I've known my best friend since Kindergarten too :) Cute post!!!! I did the same prompt this week!

  4. My own daughters live far away from me, but I'm not sure I'd want them on my street. How 'bout an hour away? That seems reasonable.

    That distance works well with the stepdaughters.

    I think if they lived on the street, I'd be tempted to stick my nose where it doesn't belong - and I've never had a desire to be a meddling mother-in-law.

  5. Aw that is such a sweet post, it's lovely to read that you have lots of wonderful people in your life.

  6. Visiting from Mama Kat's. I also like that you left the last roses open for possibilities. I use to want my kids to live on the same street but I want to travel when they grow up so that may not work.

  7. Stopping by from Mama Kat's...

    I like your rose ceremony way better than the bachelor...sounds like everyone is more deserving too.
    Holly @ 504 Main

  8. Love your rose ceremony, especially the part where all the boys live on the same street as you.

  9. Look at you giving out roses left and right. You are so nice. I love nice people. And I most especially hope your son DOES marry and orphan and live outside on your street just so you don't have to buy more phones : ) Heeee Heeee Heee Ha Ha : )

  10. I like the idea of leaving some open-ended!

  11. love this!! you have some great people worthy of roses there! and I like that you are keeping yourself open to new possibilities!

  12. LOL! Great take on the rose ceremony!


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