Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Writer's Workshop 1-7-2010

Writers Workshop 1-7-2010
Guess how many times I had to back space to retype 2010 up there... too many... don't ask...
The prompt I chose this week was...
Choose the 7th photo from January 09 and write a poem about it.
I don't write poetry anymore.
When I was young and had angst, I wrote that stuff all the time...
I am no longer any good at it...
I am just gonna write about the picture...
This is Johnathon.
He was 9 here.
That big tree behind him is our gargantuan lemon tree.
He was demonstrating how big one of the lemons was.
He is sitting on top of our storage shed, so he could reach the high ones.
Every year, we get so many lemons, oranges, tangerines and grapfruit, the boughs of the trees break off.
This particular tree is about 20 feet high.
I LOVE having my own citrus trees... it really helps with the fruit budget in the "winter".
I put "winter" in quotes because what we call winter here in So Cal is nowhere near a winter.
Today... it was 75.
Go ahead... Those of you in deep snow right can hate me now...
I get it all the time.


  1. I'm jealous! I love citrus and I hate cold winters! Can I come live with you?

  2. Can I have your tree? Love that!

    But, tell me, what is he doing with his hands??

  3. he's telling me that we have two lemons that grew together, and that they look like a butt, he then asked if I wanted him to pick it.

    The other pictures I had, showed the lemon and it really did look like a butt!

  4. The sad thing is that, I know I am going to be one of those old people that move south..I am only in my 40's and already hating the snow. I am now sitting with eyes closed imagining I have citrus trees. Grabbed your button thanks

  5. We used to live in SoCal. Some days like today when the high is going to be 2 degrees make me want to move back to the land of way too many people - but then reality hits and I remember why we left. {*grin*}

    I do miss our own oranges and grapefruit though.

  6. I love our So Cal weather too! I have a lemon tree, and considering putting in an orange tree, sounds nice to have fresh citrus!

  7. Jonathan looks like he's happy to be up there! I wish we had 75 degrees here instead of 22 degrees and a foot of snow!

    Visiting from Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop. I used this prompt too at


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