Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Bachelor...Where cliche's go to die...

Oh Jakey, Jake, Jake, Jake...
You really pulled an "Aw golly gee willickers, Beav... this one is hard to decide..." moment ALL NIGHT LONG!!!
First of all... ARM PATCHES ON A FLANNEL? Really?
The night was just FILLED with cliche's!!!
"Make a connection"
"I get lost in your eyes"
(then he dumps her) nice.
"You are an AMAZING woman" (he said this to 3 of them) GAG!
"There's someone out there for you... and I'm not him" Uh... Duh!
Ella...gorgeous though she is, he didn't like her... sent her packing.
Same with Kathryn... BUT NOT BEFORE making her believe she was getting a rose...
Oh Jakey... you are a sly one!
You are so okie dokie! Thumbs up dude!! {Snort snort!}
I loved this guy last season...
This season... UGH!!! He can't be that boring!!! He just can't be!
My favorite part of the show, was their going up the coast and staying in and at all the places I've stayed before... the Madonna Inn is awesome... and I practically lived in Pismo Beach as a kid growing up, we have land there and camped there often.
Other than that...
Vienna bugs the hell out of me.
I want to rip her extensions out, and she wears ENTIRELY too much makeup.
And what was going on with the blue and green and yellow eyeshadow on that cute brunette?
I don't remember her name... but Yowza!
I love how FIESTY Ali is... but alas... she is not long for the show...
She is the only one I like for Jake... because she, at least, has a pulse!
BUT... does she ONLY have evening wear in butter yellow?
The color does look great on her... but if I had a figure like those girls.. I'd either walk around naked all the time, or at least change my colors up a bit...
Maybe she's trying to stay consistent so bore snore Jake can pick her out of a crowd easily.
Even though I loathed Michelle, she did make for some funny drama, with her Lithium needing ways...
"Can I get a martini with a shot of L Dopa? Please?"
Every week, when I make myself watch this Trainwreck TV... I feel dirty, and like I need to punish myself like that monk in the Davinci Code...
It scares me that there are so many women out there like that in the world...
I need a shower...


  1. I do believe there is a good reason why Jake is still single. And we are starting to see it. He keeps giving ugly Vienna sausage a rose. Like all the rest of the Bachelors. The lights are on, but no one is home...

    I also think he is a mama's boy (oh, not that there is anything wrong with that Saundra, hee hee!). I am anxious to see how he is around his mom when he takes the girl's home.

  2. I thought the dates were fun and like that about Jake. I'd much rather watch them doing something fun than just sitting around drinking in the hot tub or at a pool barely dressed. I give the guy some credit though for not giving roses to those he's already decided won't make it to the end.

    I agree about Ali--she's still my favorite and I think she does wear the yellow all the time so he notices her and can keep her straight. It does make her stand out.

    I think the girls are being unnecessarily mean to Vienna--don't think she's all THAT bad. Poor thing.

    Another cliche' you forgot to mention . . . "He's my hero." (I think Vienna said that in the dune buggy.)

    I still like Gia, Tenley and Ali best. Enjoyed reading your thoughts here. I didn't see Jake on last season's show so can't comment about that.


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