Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Writer's Workshop Jan 20, 2010

Writer's Workshop Jan 21, 2010
The pitch ~~
I need to develop two "ELEVATOR PITCHES" about what my blog is about.
One, a sentence long, and one 150 words long...
The first on is HARD!!! I have no problem with writing 150 words... or 15,000 for that matter!
An 'Elevator pitch" is a description of something that would typically take the time span of an elevator ride.
Italian Mama Gone Crazy is a window into my mind... I'm the Mother of three active boys and I need my girl time to rant, rave and purge the stuff that swirls around in my head.
{{That's the quick one}}
Here's the longer version.
I am hot headed. I lack patience. I'm decisive. I'm set in my ways. I'm always right (in my own mind). I also happen to be surrounded by men, all day, every day, all the time.
Don't get me wrong... I LOVE IT! I am one of the few women on the planet that NEVER, EVER wanted daughters (daughters in law... yes, actual daughters... NO thank you...), so my prayers were definitely answered. HOWEVER!!! I do need my girl time, and my writing time, that's where my friends and writing a blog come into play.
I need a place to rant. I need a place to say my piece. I need my own bathroom too, but that's not going to happen any time soon, so I'll just keep wishing.
My boys are my entire world... most of the time. But they can drive me bonkers!
I also know that they won't be around all the time, and I'd better carve out a little time to cultivate who I want to be when I'm 50... so I'm starting now... 10 years early.
I want them to see who I am, in my writing, that they don't get to see every day.
I'm their Mama. I will never be their friend.
I want them to see who I am on this side of the fence... and maybe they'll see
why I am the way I am... and love me even more... regardless.


  1. Too long on the short one. {*grin*}

    A VC of my acquaintance used to say if you can't lay it out in 10 words, it was never getting his money.

  2. I agree with Dan, the short one needs to be short and perhaps a bit more "catchy"--something easier to remember. Perhaps just the "Place where I rant and rave."

  3. Kudos, I think that your long pitch is great...but Dan's right, the short one is too long. The 31 Days to a Better Blog at ProBlogger that Mama Kat mentioned on her blog is actually quite awesome, and really helpful, too - I totally recommend it, having done it myself last year. Stopping by from Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop!

  4. Great pitch, I like the long version :)

  5. Beautifully written. I swear it feels like I was reading about my self on the first few lines of your long pitch. Love it!

  6. That's as short as it's gonna get people... Deal! LOL

  7. Well Said-Your short version-I should say, Ditto!

  8. Perfect. I liked them both!

  9. Well you know I have some future daughter in laws for you. :) LOL!

  10. You may never be their 'friend-friend' but I think the term friend has to be re-translated properly... A real friend is somebody that won't put up with your BS, expects the best out of you and is always there to support you, love you and encourage you. I've read your blog and you're one of the 'friendliest' people I know ;)


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