Saturday, June 21, 2008

Forward girls

Our camping trips used to be so blissfully uneventful.
We would go, hang out, eat meals, light a bonfire, play games and head for bed.
Just us, or our friends who visit us while we are there, no outside interference, interaction or inter anything.
Those days, I am afraid, are apparently OVER!
We happened to be camping next a delightful family of three boys. The mom was totally sweet and totally felt my pain, as well as my joy. We bonded instantly and talked a lot during our stay.
She has a three yr. old boy that LOOKS like a 7 year old. He weighed more than Johnny and was almost as tall. I gave his Mom a quizical look when I saw him in a pull up, and she, wearily, told me he just turned 3! I was floored! She has to explain all the time.
He. was. HUGE!, and oh so adorable!
Everything was great until THEY had guests. Yes, their 3 cousins came to camp too, and they were 14, 12 and yep, you guessed it, 8, and they were all girls... aka son stealers.
Needless to say, I was overjoyed... NOT!
Within the hour, the oldest girl, Maddie, gave a whisper to Johnny to tell my son Will that she liked him. Johnny, thrilled to be armed with information to torture with later on, RAN to William screaming the information out loud! (Johnny still hasn't grasped the concept of composure) Will responded in kind, with a shrug of his shoulders and a look of
fear at me. I just smiled and continued talking to my friend Andrea from Texas that came to visit. Will decides to delight Maddie with an invitation to playful football with all the rest of the yahoos they met. She accepted the invitation,
I was glad Grandma was, because I was just about to say something. It was VERY suggestive.
That girl jumped on, ran into, grabbed and just about tackled my sons at every opportunity.
It was obvious that William hadn't a clue what she was doing, or even why.
He was there to play football. Alex got the gist of her antics and decided to go back into the water, they all followed suit.
Maddie didn't stop there. She kept jumping on my boys backs like they were some sort of horse for her or something.
When they had enough, Will came up to me and said,
"Hey Mom, isn't there something you need us to do at the motorhome?"
I played dumb and giggled and said "No, I don't think so." Just to see him panic. Then he just opened his eyes and pleaded with me nonverbally. I couldn't do it any more, so I gave in.
We left, to go do "something" at the motorhome.
A few short minutes later, there she was, clothed again and panting from running and asking if Will and Alex want to go sit on the sand and listen to her music.
Dummies... they went.
They were back in less than 5 minutes.
Maddie was following Alex everywhere he went, and he ran up to tell me he was taking a nap, and to get rid of her. I told him to speak for himself. He did, and she asked him how long he was going to sleep. He said he didn't know, see ya, and went into the rig.
She plopped her cute little butt right next to me while I was reading and proceeded to chat me up. She asked what I did, how old I was, where my hubby was, if I had any daughters and on and on and on. Then she told me her life story, and how kids in her town were gang bangers and such. Whoa! T.M.I. and no, I didn't answer all of her questions either.
I got one question in, and all you mommies of daughters out there can chastise me if you want..
I don't care, I asked one thing...
I asked her where she got the idea that throwing herself at boys was the way to get them to like her. She didn't even wince. She answered... "My Mom told me I have make myself known, and not play games with guys. I should just go for what I want."
I asked her if her Mom realized she was only 14. She got offended and got up and left.
She, too, was back 5 minutes later asking if Alex had had enough sleep.
I was floored.
I then asked her to kindly go back to her campsite, and if she sees my boys on the sand, fine, but when they are at the site, to please stay away.
So we had dinner, cleaned up, and they went on the beach to play.
Maddie came screaming along the boardwalk on her bike and asked my men if they wanted to join her at her families site for smores.
I just nodded. I figured they hadn't gotten the message quite yet, and they need to make their own mistakes... and I was just a few spaces down and could hear everything.
About 1/2 an hour later, they were all back, mortified.
She had been playing games with Alex and Will all day. I could see it, but they couldn't.
Alex came to me, sat down and told me she kept pressuring him to kiss her.
I said to Alex "I thought she liked William." He said she did, but when he wouldn't take the bait, she switched to me. "Mom, I told her I'm only 11, and she didn't care! She kept saying she wanted to kiss me over and over and over again!"
I said, "Did you?", and he said "No way!"
So Maddie came to the door, again, and I politely asked her to leave, the boys were tired and we were going to hang out by ourselves. She said she would be back in the morning.
Morning comes, and there she is, with three letters in her hands. One for each of the boys.
They are leaving that day, and she felt compelled to write letters!
I see a future Fatal Attraction chick in the making here, people!
In the letters, she pledges her undying love and regrets that Alex didn't "do what she wanted him to" but maybe next time! puhleeeze!
She gave them her phone numbers and said that they would have to disguise their voices like girls if they called and that if they called on the 26th she would be a a friends house spending the night! YIKES!
Can you believe that?
Is this what I have to look forward to?
I can't put up with girls like that! I won't!
What are some people teaching their kids?
I am floored at the forwardness, and the lack of respect for herself!
So sad.
I sure hope my boys choose quality and can see beyond girls like that, and choose women that will engage their minds and hearts not just their eyes and loins. You know?
I am very proud of my boys for not succoming to that.
I hope it lasts.


  1. WOW I am not looking forward to that. I hope that my girls don't act like that I would be mortified but then again I will be watching them like a hawk.

  2. Letti, Your girls will NEVER act like that!

    The girl called today too. I had let her know it was inappropriate for her to call boys, and to please not call again.

  3. Wait, you didn't chat with the "Mom?" That would be so hard!!!


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