Monday, June 23, 2008

Monday, Monday

It's quiet today... so far.
We had fun today.
While Will was at his weight lifting, we finally went shopping for Johnny's Bday gifts. He got a pair of skates and a power wing scooter. He is still pretty easy to please.
Then I went shopping... I spent some of my birthday money. I bought a really cool water fountain for our back patio, and a new wrought iron couch for the patio too.
I'm getting a love seat and a coffee table next week, when they go on sale. I so hate paying full price when I know they are going on sale, (because the sales lady clued me in) (so nice!).
So now Bill is out back putting it all together. So exciting!
We are in the planning stages of our outdoor kitchen now. Sketches and plans are soon to follow.
I already know what I want it all to look like. I always do. I am an easy shopper too. I just know what I want, when I find it, I get it. When we were building our kitchen, it took me less than an hour to shop for absolutely everything I wanted. Bill was awestruck. I think he thought I was going to be like most women and lament over color, texture, this or that and be indecisive.
On the contrary... he was the one saying... "Are you sure you don't like this better?" I would just say... "No, let's move on, more things to get."
Our cabinet builder wanted to show me tons of books, he was ready with 5 inch thick books for me to ponder. I opened to a page, pointed to the ones I wanted, chose the color, and asked how long it would be before he could come by to measure. It all took about 2 minutes for me to shop.
He said... "Okay, now what do I do with the hour until my next appointment?"
So I showed him the appliances I wanted, and we were done in about 10 minutes flat.
Sometimes he calls and asks how everything is in the kitchen, (he came by when it was newly finished and took pictures of it for a brochure he was making) and then he tells me how he wishes all his clients were like me. So nice!
I shop like that for everything. Except shoes. Those take time... I love shoes!
OH! I forgot to mention that
He was very excited. So are we.
Yahoooo Alex! aka Princess, his team nickname. They all have nicknames.
He actually loves his. So weird. One of his coaches called him that because he always fixes his hair before he bats, just for me, and blows me a kiss.
But I love him. He is hilarious at all times.
I hope they do well. They sure are practicing a lot.
Good luck guys!

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  1. Congratulations Alex. I wish you guys luck. I hope to be at your games too. I love the nickname.


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