Saturday, June 28, 2008

Saturday Night Congestion

I couldn't get to sleep at all last night (isn't that a song?)
No, not because of my idiot backyard neighbors, they were surprisingly quiet,
and have been all week long...hmmmmm.
I have this weird symptom going on. I don't have a cold, no sore throat, no headaches, no chills, no upset stomach, just a congested chest and I sneeze all the freakin time!
I know it'a allergies, but to what? I have no idea.
I didn't have allergies until I turned 35 or so.
I was up all night trying to breathe!
I took Mucinex and that stuff is a miracle.
But I then, at 3 a.m. and again at 6 a.m. did an Albuterol breathing treatment
on our portable machine. Helped me sleep, so I got to sleep at 6 am and slept until 9:30 am.
Last week it was the neighbors, and this week it's this weird congestion thing, is there a new rule I don't know about? Is there some cruel joke that says I am not allowed to sleep on weekends at all? Someone tell me now so I know for next week! I'll plan a party or something so at least I'll have something fun to do instead of clean my kitchen at all hours of the night!
I like to believe that I keep a reasonably tidy home. I never go to bed with dishes in the sink, my counters are wiped down at least 20 times a day, no food is allowed in any room except the tiled room, we sweep every night after dinner whether it needs it or not, I put everything in sealed, locked, airtight containers in my pantry etc...
I don't know where they are coming from. I am a crazy wreck now, washing down my counters every hour making sure there isn't one speck of water or food for them to eat.
Orkin was here last week, and it didn't help!
It is truly ridiculous!
It is easing up since the weather cooled down, but it was bad for a couple of days!
Has anyone else had this problem?
Maybe it's Karma for sending that dumb dumb to jail last week.
Who knows...
For the last 2 days, no ants, but for a couple of days there, yikes!
Have a wonderful Saturday, keep cool and I'll see some of you at the park later!


  1. I had them really bad in my garage. They were getting into my freezer and I had a bunch of dead ants in there. I had to call terminix before their regularly scheduled time because it was so bad. The terminix guy said that the ants are really bad right now he has not seen it this bad in a while. The good news is they are all gone now. Maybe you should call someone. I can't stand ants.

  2. I called Orkin! They were out last week! Then the ants started!~! Maybe they fed them instead of killed them! ha ha!

    They are gone now. But it was horrible! I felt dirty!

  3. I tried a cure that I found online.. cinnamon and or borax sprinkled at the point of entry. Both seem to have worked.


  4. Cinnamon? Really? I'll try it!


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