Friday, June 6, 2008

Schools out!

Last day of school for 2 of my kidlets!
Yahhooooo! For them anyway.
Gone of my days of being able shop, clean, talk on the phone
and come and go as I please for the next couple of months.
Oh well... C'est La Vie!
Today was the Awards Ceremony and I am happy to report that my boys got Honor Roll, perfect Attendance, Scripture Memorization and Fitness Awards.
Their yearbooks look like the Shaver boys family albums more than their yearbooks.
Plenty of Mom's came to tell me so too. I didn't take one of the pictures either.
Next week it's Will's turn, AND he has weight training camp for football starting at his new High School next week too.
To celebrate the awesome grades and the end of the school year, we always go out to lunch and this year's choice went to Johnny and he chose Famous Daves. Yum!
After that, I deserved a little treat too, so I took myself to World Market and bought another Pizza Peel. Yeah, I know... big spender!
Now we get to sleep in until 7 a.m. all summer and enjoy our backyard with NO HOMEWORK!
However, each of my boys, every summer are required to read a book a week (my rule, not the school's), so Alex chose two books to read to get him started,
and Johnny is going to work on the entire Hardy Boys Mystery collection.
It's so important to keep those brains moving at all times!
We also play a game in our pool where they don't get to jump into the pool
from the diving board until they either spell a word
I give them or answer a math problem.
They actually love it. They ask to do it all the time.
I pulled out a bunch of white boards I had stored away for no good reason, and we
are going to put them to use also doing spelling words
and longer math problems I will get from
the internet.
I know... it doesn't sound like very much fun, but it's only for about an hour a day,
and when they transition from summer to school in September, they are very prepared.
I also give great rewards that they love, and wouldn't otherwise recieve!
A mind is a terrible thing to waste... don't you agree?
School out for Summer!!!
Hooray for them... Boo Hoo for Mom!

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  1. I used to own the first one hundred of the Hardy Boys. Dumb me gave them away way before I had kids.


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