Friday, June 27, 2008

Friday Frenzy

Had a show tonight!
I have the BEST clients!
I know... I keep saying that.. BUT I DO!
It was a fun night!
I got to use my new portable ice machine. Such fun!
I am going to take it everywhere this summer!
So far... Misdemeanor Man hasn't returned. I sure hope he doesn't think we are going to
drop the charges. 'Cause he is sadly mistaken.
I have so much cookin' to do for tomorrow's 24 hour practice. Please!
I need to start saying "no" more often. I am usually so good at it!
I must be losin' my touch.
Note to self... Say "NO" more.
I had a total, complete, brain fade yesterday... I FORGOT MY KIDS
I remember at 11:00 am this morning! I screamed!
40 is supposed to be FABULOUS... not FORGETFUL!
I'm tired... I'm gonna go crash now.

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  1. Don't feel bad I forgot Chloe's Student of the Month Assembly.


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