Sunday, June 1, 2008

Like, for sure, gag me with a pitchfork!

Like, I don't know about you, like, but I , like, don't know what to think, like, about the
state of the way, like, lots of, like, kids are speaking, like, these days... like.
Like, you know? Like.
Have you ever tried having a conversation with or watched some young beautiful teen on TV
speak that way? Does it annoy you as much as it does me?
Today, I desperately needed a "peel", a pizza peel, that is.
So, contrary to my code of NEVER SHOPPING ON WEEKENDS, EVER, I ventured out.
I went to one of my favorite stores, Cost Plus, and found a lovely Olivewood one.
So anyway, I head for the cashier, and a young girl, around 17 or so is on her cell phone, sitting on one of the display couches, and EVERY OTHER WORD SHE USED was LIKE!
She was practically screaming into her phone, completely oblivious to the fact that she was in a public store. She sounded so stupid saying "like" ALL THE TIME! Like she didn't have any education at all!
She even said it three times in a row... for example..
"I know! She like, totally just, like, walked off, like, and like, like, like, she was so dumb for, like, doing that, like!"
Even my kids realized that she sounded completely idiotic.
Where do these kids get this misuse of language!
When we were in Italy a couple of years ago, some of my cousins asked me why they hear American people use that word so much. I didn't know how to answer (not wanting to call my own people stupid in a foreign land) so I jokingly told them we got paid a nickel everytime we used it in a sentence. I think some of my relatives thought I was serious. Oh well, so much for American and Italian relations.
So, like, I'm, like, going to go now, like, good, like night,like.
Like, like, like, like, like, like, like, like, like.

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  1. As you can read, I've been away for while so I'll be catching up. I'm starting from current to past so forgive any questions that may be explained in previous posts.

    Anyway, yes, that like totally bugs me dude! But I think what's worse is the cussing. And so many parents let it go. Eeeekkk!


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