Friday, May 30, 2008

UnFrenzied Friday

Had a show tonight! It was so nice getting back to "work"!
I say work like "work" because let's face it... my job is just one fun party after another!
I love my clients!
Love them!
Especially the group I had here tonight! I think that was their 15th show with me, and it was just as great to see them this time as the first.
It's been hard to schedule shows around baseball board committments and all the boys different sports, so this was a good kick back into "work" mode.
Any of your looking to earn some free Pampered Chef products... I'm booking for the end of June!
Went to Costco (empty wallet store) today.
You know what? The line for gas was sooooo loooonnnngggg! I have never bought gas there, but to wait in that line, the price better be more than 50 cents better per gallon!
I laughed!
All those people, in their idling cars, waiting in hour long lines,
to save a few cents on gas, as their cars guzzle up the gas in their tanks, waiting in line!
Make sense?
I bought essentials today.
It was sooo hard not to go to the book section and buy up everything
that struck my fancy, but I was good.
Need to save moola for a new pool surface and tile. Our pool is starting to look less
like the blue lagoon and more like the Swamp thing every year.
Well, that's all for today... pretty mundane. Not even a Frenzied Friday.

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  1. I won't wait in that either. I was thinking the same thing 5 cents less a gallon is like $1.25 more. That line is not worth that to me.


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