Sunday, May 11, 2008

Weekend Happenings

Yesterday was Williams 14th Birthday... and he had to work.
That kid. Instead of taking the day off, like so many college graduates do on their first jobs ever, my son wanted to umpire... on his birthday.
It was okay with us.
It gave us a chance to blow up tons of balloons and fill his bedroom with them and paint a big Birthday sign and staple it to the front of the house.
While he was at work, I called up a local building supply house and had 2 yards of beach sand delivered so we could fill in our beach area out back. It was looking a little bare, and we could see the black plastic underlay we placed down years ago, and so it was time to replenish the beach.
It looks so nice again!
Now when we have little kids come and play in our sand, they will be able to dig up lots of seashells and sand dollars.
Next on the agenda is resurfacing and retiling the pool.
It is 25 years old and it is due.
I just have to pick out the tile.
It is supposed to be a two week turnaround.
We'll see.
Nothing is ever what it is supposed to be.
Today is Mothers Day, and it was a quiet one. I really wanted to spend it with my Mama, but she decided to drive take a drive and just "be". 
 BUT! Her Birthday is Wed., (yes, May is a very busy month around here) and I have all her goodies I bought for her over the months just itching to be given to her.
Bill took his Mama out to breakfast today.
I got a text message from a PC friend of mine and she asked me what I was doing today.
I texted her back... "Laundry". She said 'LOL",
and I just laughed because it was exactly what I did.
Laundry, and cook dinner, OH and rearrange a drawer in the kitchen.
It's tough around here on Mom Day and my B day.
Last night we went to the movies to see Ironman and Drillbit Taylor. Double feature, drive in.
Ironman was awesome. Drillbit... not so much. Looking forward to Ironman II.
We had dinner at home... William got to pick ANYTHING he wanted and he chose BBQ NY strip, mashed potatoes, Green beans with lemon and slivered almonds, and salad, so that's what he got. Then we had cake that my Mama dropped off earlier in the day, at the drive in. Yum.
So that, my dears, is what the haps are this weekend.
I am going to shop for a new computer, and get my old laptop fixed and it will be the kids computer. My broken on is 3 years old, and I deserve a new one.
I can't decide if I want a Dell or another HP, or if I just want to have one built for me.
I'll let ya know. For now, I am on Bill's still.
I'll post again later... I have to get it all in before Bill goes back to work tomorrow and takes this thing with him.
Wishing you a lovely rest of the Mother's Day!


  1. Hey, I use both Dells and Gateways at work and a Sony laptop. My home laptop is a Toshiba. Very reliable and affordable. Good luck shopping!

    I'm doing laundry too. If I skip a day, I'm full of regrets!

  2. I forgot it was Will's bday, and I didn't say anything at the game. Please tell him I am sorry, and happy late bday.

  3. Happy mothers day Saundra. I don't have home number to call William on his B-Day so please let him know I said Happy Birthday.

  4. Will Do Tammy,

    Thanks Angela, I'll let him know!

  5. Kathy, I an leaning toward a Dell or a Sony. Thanks for the input!
    I value your opinion!


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