Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I slept!

Letti, remember this picture? Look how young William looks?
I slept!
I slept well! REALLY well!
Whew! I thought I was gonna be as cranky and combative as I was yesterday... forever!
That's not saying that I'm not always cranky and combative, but yesterday was UBER DAY.
It's a good thing I slept too... Today is our interview day at ACA and we are a little nervous.
I don't usually get nervous, but when one person holds your childs high school career in her hands, it's a little nerve wrecking for me.
I have been telling Will to practice his "smile, just for the sake of smiling" smile.
He is 14 now and has taken brooding in public to a new art form.
At home... he is a silly, loud, jumping up and down, freakazoid, and out in the world, he becomes this other person.
Maybe it's not brooding, maybe he is just trying to act grown up in public... but I like the weirdo I see at home... well, maybe not in public.. maybe it's a good thing he is doing what he is doing. Hee hee!
See his smile up there??? That's how he is at home! He's not moody... I guess I should just say...
Tomorrow William and Bill are taking a 3 day field trip on a ship, around Catalina.
Yes, I will be writing them letters to help them not be home sick.
Bill will be getting letters about all the changes I'll be making in his absence. Changing locks, packing his bags, Moving in all my girlfriends and turning our house into a sorority house.
NO! Wait! He might enjoy that! Scratch that!
Will's school rented 3 big vans and Bill is going to drive one of them. So nice!
They are going to be dragging nets and studying all the stuff they drag up... Sounds like good, messy fun.
Then it's the long weekend... for Bill and the Boys anyway... all the days melt into another when you are a stay at home mom.
Some would say the EVERYDAYS A HOLIDAY in my situation... I say... try a day in my shoes.
I do so love my life though.
So maybe it is.
Okay, I have to get off this thing and go chase some money.
Have a great day!


  1. Glad you were able to get some sleep on your new bed. I bet you are excited to sleep in the new bed all by yourself for the next 3 days so that you can dial it in just the way you like it.

  2. Anonymous... give me your initials...

    Well, whenever Bill is gone, Johnny likes to take his spot... "so I won't be lonely".

    He doesn't snore or move around, so I allow him to.

    OMG he is the most adorable sleeper!

  3. I am so glaa d taht you were able to sleep. That field trip sounds like the perfect father and son outing. That picture is so cute. They both look so much younger.


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